6 Advantages of Wall Hung Vanity

6 Advantages of Wall Hung Vanity

Everyone wants their bathroom to look luxurious and be functional. And, the bathroom furniture adds to the luxury; hence, you need to choose the right one for your bathroom. A vanity being a significant piece of bathroom furniture, you need to keep in mind the price, size, and space it occupies in your bathroom, as you have to select the one which fulfils all these criteria.

6 Advantages of Wall Hung Vanity

When you are thinking about buying a vanity for your bathroom, you have to choose between a freestanding vanity and a wall-mounted vanity. Both of them serve precisely the same goal, but bathroom vanities for sale have the edge over the freestanding ones.

The article will discuss what a wall-hung vanity is and the advantages of buying it.

What Is a Wall-Hung Vanity?

A wall-hung vanity is a piece of furniture directly attached to the bathroom wall. That way, you will have a clear space below the vanity. It can be attached at different heights and can be cut to different sizes as per the requirement. People prefer wall hung vanity for many reasons, and the modern contemporary bathrooms look best with them.

The advantages of a wall hung-vanity are as follows:

2.They Are Modern in Design

It is a perfect choice to create a crisp, clean and functional bathroom. An old bathroom design and style may look good with a freestanding vanity. But on the other hand, a sleek wall-hung vanity with a modern design will be compatible with contemporary bathroom designs.

3.Helps Show-off Your Tiles

Tiles are actually one of the most expensive items you install in your bathroom. And wall-hung vanity will not cover any tiles as the freestanding vanities do. When more floor space is visible, the bathroom looks spacious, which is an added advantage. So, if you are interested in showing off your tiles, get a wall hung vanity.

4.Easy to Clean the Floor

As the vanities are not attached to the floor, cleaning becomes easy. There is no need to get beneath it with a brush and broom, as you have to with a freestanding vanity. When you have a wall-hung vanity, you just need to bend a little and run the mod a few times below the vanity, and the task is done.

5.Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

Having wall hung vanities lets you, show-off, the floor. And this way, the floor will have an unbroken line of floor space, making the room look larger. Contrarily, the other types of vanities not just take up more space but also hide the beautiful tiles you have installed. Having more freestanding structures usually make the bathroom look congested and unattractive, and they make the cleaning process a lot harder than usual.

6.Turn Plumbing Into a Decor

With the wall-hung vanity, you can turn the normal plumbing into a feature. The modern bathrooms have some elements of industrial decor, and you can use attractive rust-free metals like chrome or steel to give the plumbing work an industrial look.

7.Innovative Storage Space

Another advantage of a wall hung vanity is that it provides free space below it. You can put bathroom items that don’t need a cupboard/vanity for storage, like a broom, dustpan, mop, mop bucket, etc., in that space.

These advantages put the wall-hung vanities above the freestanding ones and any other types. They are compatible with contemporary bathroom designs and are functional as well. Your bathroom is also a space that should be beautiful and functional. So, you shouldn’t have any more doubts about what style of vanity to buy.


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