Different Ways To Things Up In The Bedroom To Enhance Intimacy 

Different Ways To Things Up In The Bedroom To Enhance Intimacy 

Sexual intimacy is normal and even encouraged among couples to strengthen their relationships over time. However, long term sexual relationships, as expected, can always take a dip after long periods, and this can be usually seen in married couples in Australia. Having various eye-catching lingerie or lace underwear is a start, but there are other ways to capture a partner’s attention in the bedroom. 

First of all, understand that there isn’t a typical standard for every couple on the frequency or the type of sex they should indulge in. Like most individuals, what happens in the bedroom differs largely based on the partners’ interests. But many sexologists and sexual wellness experts agree that when they study long-lasting relationships, variety matters a lot! 

Every human brain is hardwired for novelty, and it isn’t strange for people to crave a little bit of fun or an adventurous moment. The same goes for what happens in the bedroom too. 

What Causes The Dwindling Of Sexual Intimacy For Couples?

The honeymoon phase of every couple is filled with moments of peak curiosity and enjoyment. But what happens after that? Ironically, most experts agree that stability is the root cause of poor sexual satisfaction the longer the relationship goes. 

But does that mean the relationship is doomed to fail from the start? Not really. In fact, with the right ideas and practices, relationships can bind stronger and build more attraction for the partners as the year’s progress. But before getting into that part, understand what exactly causes the loss of interest in a relationship.

  • Lack of Variety: It isn’t common for couples to state the lack of that spark and goosebumps they had when they first had their moment in bed. Creativity and imagination can go a long way in a stable relationship. Moreover, with the daily routines hardwired into everyone, every day is a mundane one that takes away variety.
  • Lack Of Communication: Couples don’t communicate what they want in bed, which can be a huge problem. When it comes to sex, communication is the key, and it’s better to let the partner know what’s best and what’s not.
  • Busy, busy, busy: Hectic schedules and daily chores around the house can rob couples of their time and energy. This practically makes them lethargic, unable to perform well in the bedroom.

How To Spice Things Up And Take Intimacy To A Whole New Level?

  • Dressing Up For The Occasion: Humans are visual creatures, and providing them with the appropriate eye candy is the best stimulation for them all. Wearing catchy lingerie and captivating lace underwear is sure to enhance the mood beforehand. 
  • Explore: Take the time to try out new positions, and it doesn’t even have to be in the house. Go outside and find a secure place as a new environment will always rattle the nerves but make sure not to get caught. Look up new positions with a partner and if interested, try out new kinks that are comfortable for both. Couples can even lookup sex toys and erotic literature or adult films and find something that can be enjoyed together. 
  • Find Time For Each Other: Busy day to day activities can make it hard for couples to find the right time together. So always take the time to prioritise and set a schedule so that couples can have some alone time. 
  • Be Spontaneous: Sending love letters or intimate pieces of clothing can get the blood running. As mentioned before, being spontaneous is a definite turn on so don’t hold back from quickies. The sudden rush is a sure way of getting partners to enjoy each other.

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