Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs and Ideas You Can Benefit From

Your kitchen is one of the best parts of the house, especially if you love to cook. Although it may be nothing but a commodity space for some, spending extra time and effort to make your kitchen stylish is not bad. For example, changing your wall paints to a more trendy colour and adding KT & CO Handles to your cupboards is enough to give your kitchen atmosphere some life.

Kitchen Layouts

First, you have to start with the basics, especially if you are planning to build a kitchen from scratch or if you are remodelling. Knowing the six types of layouts can help you decide which best suits your home.


An island-shaped kitchen is good if you have a wide kitchen area. As the name indicates, this kitchen layout is spread out, allowing more comfort in using all functionalities.

There is enough room for you to prepare meals and even for your guests to sip coffee while chatting in-between.


This design is ideal for all kitchen sizes. The idea of this is to have two countertops opposite of each other. The addition of having a source of light at the far end corner is refreshing, whether it’s a window, door, or a frost-glass wall.


This design is similar to the parallel design. The only difference is that it only has one countertop. It may be old-fashioned and common, but its practicality and convenience make it a good plan. 

Furthermore, it allows more space to move around if your kitchen space is insufficient for other designs. This design works for a minimalist kitchen.

L Shaped

This design is ideal for small apartment spaces. The idea is to build the kitchen in a corner in an L shape. The best feature of this design is that it has two open ends. Therefore, it allows you to move freely and easily access all your cooking materials and appliances.

U Shaped

The U Shaped design is similar to the L Shaped, but three instead of two countertops are at the corner.


As its name implies, this design is open and incorporated into other house parts, such as the dining area or even the living room. Same as the Island design, this kitchen style allows for more space and ventilation.


Also called the Corridor Kitchen, the Galley’s special feature is having rows of cabinets on the wall or at the base. Between these and the countertop is a walkway. Having a lot of storage is a priority. 

The trick to giving this a neat look is to use darker coloured material for the base cabinets and a lighter colour for the upper ones.

How to Make Your Kitchen Stylish

After getting an idea of the layouts, it’s time to put on some kitchen accessories and set the mood. Make your kitchen worthy of flexing in simple ways.

Colour Motif

You can start with the basics by painting your walls. It is advisable to use light colours to give off a refreshing atmosphere. Aside from that, it also brightens the room and makes it look more spacious.

Drawers and Cabinets

You can change or repaint your drawers and cabinets for a new look. If your cabinets are antique and you don’t want to mess with them, you can change the knobs and handles at best. A new bronze knob from KT & CO Handles can keep that vintage look.


A small chandelier can give your kitchen a whole new vibe. 

Walls and Windows

Adding a curtain to a bare window can greatly change your entire kitchen.

Furthermore, if you have a blank space on the wall, why not hang a painting or two? It doesn’t have to be a Picasso masterpiece. A DIY abstract is good enough.

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