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Learn About The Fabric of High-Quality Quilts

Quilts make beds warmer due to their beautifully stitched thick padding. They come in different sizes, patterns, and thicknesses. With many options available, you should opt for the best. Choose the type that is most fit for you and your place. Learning about high quality quilts and their materials is one of the greatest investments you will ever make.

Learn About The Fabric of High-Quality Quilts

Canvassing for quilts can be difficult if you are unaware of your bed size, room temperature, and other factors. After assessing them, choosing the quilt with the best quality follows. What constitutes a high-quality quilt? Upon going to the store or browsing digital markets, look at the material, specifically the fabric, to ensure that you buy the most suitable product.

Cotton Fabric Is A Must

Quilters use pure cotton fabric and natural fibres because of quilting, sewing, and ironing the product. Cotton fabric examples include broadcloth, muslin, and calico. In addition, the material does not fray quickly compared to other types of fabric like synthetic and blended ones.

Moreover, cotton fabrics measure from 44-45 inches in width. You can ask the salesperson or check the label indicated in the product to ensure you are buying the correct one.

Softer Fabric Is The Best Choice

In relation, a high-quality quilt should have a soft fabric. It is best to go for more delicate fabric as possible. Settling for low-quality materials will have unfavourable effects like wrinkling fast and feeling stiff.

The Thread Count Matters

A high-quality quilt has a high thread count. It pertains to the number of threads sewn per square inch of the fabric’s entire measurement. The thread counts should be from 68 to 78. This range means that the fabric is thicker and more durable. Plus, they shrink minimally.

However, if it does not state the numbers, you can check if the product has tight or loose weaves. For example, if it pulls out quickly from the fabric, it has a loose weave; consider the right one.

A Strong Odor Is A Bad Sign

A strong odour is one of the underrated things that often gets neglected when buying high-quality quilts, as someone who will use the product ensures that the product does not have a strong smell. This sign implies that the quilt’s material is made from chemicals. Some manufacturers consider putting chemicals to make them thicker and sturdier. However, the effects fade after a couple of washes.

If you are buying from a physical store, smell the product before purchasing. A strong odour means you should avoid it.

The Fabric On-Grain Is Important

Examine if the quilt is on-grain by looking at the reverse side of the fabric. It should have a straight grain at all angles. Also, it should have a weave that runs in parallel to the selvages.

Fragmented Patterns Should Not Be Ignored

Overlapping or skipping designs means that the design is printed, not woven, on the fabric. This type fades fast. Therefore, make time to see the entirety of the product to determine if the pattern is fragmented or not.


Fabric is an important thing to consider in buying a quilt. It is apparent that no one wants to settle for less. Thus, learning about it will lead you to buy the quilt that is perfect for you. In addition, you can save time and money by ensuring that your quilt of choice possesses these features.

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