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The First 3 Videos Your Small Business Should Make

Small business owners often think about making videos that could positively impact their brand image. Next up, they take a step back since they are worried about the whole process and the cost. In truth, creating a video is neither costly nor a complex process. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to concentrate on videos that can make a genuine impact on the brand’s overall marketing. 

With a significant rise in the number of viewers for online videos, even small businesses these days have found a robust platform where they can increase their brand awareness through videos. Nearly 54% of the consumers opt for video content more than general content types for making purchase decisions. This provides an even better chance for small businesses to create capturing videos and attract a vast audience.

Here, we have listed the top three videos you should start with. These videos would provide ample information about your brand and an excellent base for building brand awareness. 

Explainer Video for Products

A product explainer video is a great headstart for your video marketing campaign. Product explainer videos have the potential to catch the attention of website visitors and create a positive impression on their minds. Usually, professional product explainer videos are short, simple, yet attention-grabbing. It should comprehensively explain what your product does and how it works to solve the required issue within a short time. Short explainers videos are an excellent fit for a marketing campaign since they create a quick impression and attract the viewers’ interest.

This type of video is quite affordable. Ensure that the content within your video is catchy. Your video doesn’t need to have a big production or look overly professional. Your video should serve its purpose correctly. For a start, instead of investing in a vast production process, go for a regular and informational side for the video and check how it works for the audience.

Analyze how these initial ideas work, and then you can upgrade accordingly to create a more significant impact. Also, analyze the viewing of the videos to improve and drive a better viewership. Moreover, here we have listed some easy yet catchy ideas that you can use for your first product explainer video depending on your product, your budget and the subsequent infrastructure you have to make a video.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are pretty catchy, and they easily excite the audience. With a proper script and content, you can easily outsource the final results from top online video editing companies. Besides being pocket-friendly, these video outsourcing companies also work professionally to deliver the best results.

Live-Action Videos

When you shoot live-action videos by yourself, here are certain factors to consider

  • Keep a great script handy to catch the attention quickly.
  • The video should be short, preferably 60 seconds or less.
  • Make use of simple language for the audience to understand better.
  • Include live shots of the product you are selling.

Testimonial Videos from Customers

Testimonial videos can be beneficial and quite intimidating to post simultaneously. The best part about portraying your business through testimonials is that just two or three videos can achieve the work. Moreover, these videos do not need to be shot in a professional and cinematic manner. Just shooting honest and transparent interviews or reviews from existing customers can do an excellent job for your business.

Capture an elaborate video of your long-term customers by interviewing them about the impact of your products on their lives. After the videos are shot, edit them using online video editor platforms and post them on a platform that gets noticed. A compelling testimonial or customer review video can be pretty helpful in building goodwill within the market. The new customers on board can start with a trustworthy relationship.

Here, we share some professional tips that you can use to create a solid testimonial video to make a name for your brand

  • Give an idea of what your video will feature to the customer beforehand. Again, do not give all the questions since you need the video to be natural.
  • Try to shoot the video at the customer’s place. The home or local area provides more authenticity.
  • Even if you need the shots or not, shoot extra B-roll footage. You can add these shots to the video for more comprehensiveness.
  • Try to keep everything natural and capture every detail, including mistakes. Let the camera run all the time. You can edit the videos afterwards with an online video editor.
  • If you are looking for off-site marketing, use an attractive thumbnail for your video. This increases engagement by making the overall video look more appealing.

Company’s Originating Story Video

Every business has a story behind its origin. As a small business, this story counts a lot since it can attract a vast audience base where they are keen to learn the reason behind developing your business. This idea is a great headstart for your video marketing campaign. These videos should cover real-time interviews of everyone who is a part of the business. The more natural these interviews are, the more appealing the video would be.

These videos have the potential to help prospective customers connect emotionally with a business. When this happens, the trust-building process becomes easy, and the business can scale better. 

The company story video can be pretty appealing, and it is the best option for increasing the brand awareness ten folds. To make the video relevant, you can record the testimonials and stories of the current employees, the founders’ stories, etc.

Wrapping Up

Ever since video content has been introduced and gained popularity, small businesses have found an excellent base to scale on. Earlier, small businesses grappled with the traditional marketing methods. Video content has the potential to reach a vast target audience, and hence this method has proven to be quite beneficial for small businesses. Moreover, the pocket-friendliness and ease of production make it a preferred medium for marketing.

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