Two-Way Radios

Tips to Purchase Two-Way Radios

When you have a big team working on a giant commercial building/skyscraper, they need an efficient communication system. Each of them must understand the current progress of the project—whether it is electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, maintenance of the building, or any other work that requires management team members. The only device that can help them communicate efficiently is communication devices like Motorola two-way radios.

Cell phones are great devices, but they are not as effective as radios that can function well in various terrains and weather conditions. People who work in the industrial sector, shipping, logistics, and professions that require physical labour and skill use these devices to efficiently and quickly finish their work.

The two-way radios are necessary for these people’s work. And, if you need to buy some new radio communication devices for your team, you have come to the right place. This article will list the features to look for in a two-way radio and how to use it at its full potential.

The following tips will guide you in finding the best two-way radio for your team:

Determine the radio’s maximum range

The range of your radio is the first thing you must check. The radio waves are indeed the same everywhere, but the device’s power can also maximise the range of the device. Some workers need a range of 150 to 300 metres, and some may need 300 to 1 Km. However, two-way radios signals can go as far as 2 kilometres, but clarity could be a problem. Hence, choose the one that provides a clear communication option for your range.

Know the number of radios required

Not every person on the team needs a radio—even if they are far away from the base, a group needs a single radio. And, if a worker is alone at a distance, they need a radio. Devices like Motorola two-way radios are necessary for every employee to communicate and (make) progress in the project.

Determine the number of radio channels

Two-way radios are great for communicating in long-range tasks. It will be easier for everyone to keep up with the task’s progress and pass on new information. But, when there are sub-teams in a project, there is a chance that the communication may get cluttered. 

How does that happen? The workers communicate through a channel, and when they speak, everybody on the channel can hear them. But, not everyone that’s on the site needs to listen to them, and there will be other teams passing on messages which will confuse everyone that’s not in the same team. Hence, you have to use different channels for different teams to solve this issue.

It would be great to purchase two-way radios that can operate on multiple channels.

Battery life

A two-way radio that can last for hours is the dream device of employees in the shipping, logistics, and construction sector. Dead batteries and frequent recharging can hinder the project, and in the project, time management is the priority, so you cannot go back and forth for recharging your device. When you have hours of battery life, there is nothing that will stop the communication and your project.

These tips will guide you towards the best two-way radio manufacturer. And remember to buy the type that fulfils all the qualities mentioned in the above mentioned points.

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