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Wall-Hung Vanity Vs. Floor-Mounted Vanity: Which Is Better?

Are you planning a new bathroom for your house? Do you have any ideas in your head related to bathroom vanities, bathtubs, sinks, and other bathroom fittings? Some might think that choosing bathroom fittings is an easy job, whereas it is one of the most challenging decisions. 

Wall-Hung Vanity Vs. Floor-Mounted Vanity: Which Is Better?

You will have to look for a wall hung vanities for sale in your surroundings or online to check out the varieties of different bathroom fittings. Meanwhile, this post covers information about the most essential and attractive bathroom fitting that most of you would like to install in your bathrooms. So, scroll down to read about bathroom vanities, discover why it is trending and find whether it is suitable for you. 

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

If you want to create a stunning spa-like experience at home, you can add vanity to your bathroom to get a luxury experience. Bathroom vanities are not only for storage, but they even give a more attractive appearance to the room without occupying much space. They are used for storage, and they help add some beautiful accessories to your bathroom. For example, you can keep a plant on top of your vanity, add a sink, and a wall mirror to enhance its appearance. 

There are two types of bathroom vanities that people from all over the world are acquainted with, namely: 

  1. Wall-hung vanity
  2. Floor mounted vanity

What Is the Difference Between a Wall-Hung and a Floor-Mounted Vanity?

A wall-hung vanity is attached to the bathroom wall. On the other hand, a floor-mounted vanity is installed on the floor against the wall. And although both types of vanities are pretty popular, recently, the wall-hung vanity has gained popularity due to its unique designs and other benefits. 

What Are the Advantages of Wall-Hung Vanity?

Wall-hung vanities have a contemporary look, and they do not consume the floor carpet area, which makes your bathroom appear bigger. And because of this, it is better to pick a wall-hung vanity if you have a smaller bathroom.

Some other advantages of wall-hung vanities are:

  1. You can place a dustbin below.
  2. It becomes easier to clean the floor.
  3. You can install them at any height according to your preference.
  4. They are easy to replace without damaging the wall or the floor.
  5. They come in various styles and materials, which can add a great appeal to your bathroom.
  6. They have ample storage space.

Why Are Wall-Hung Vanities Preferred in Comparison to Floor-Mounted Vanities?

Floor-mounted vanities occupy the space and make your bathroom look smaller. They are less expensive, but replacing them is a tough task. Also, you only get limited styles and materials in floor-mounted vanities, compared to wall-hung vanities. Besides, when you replace them, you will have to install the new one at the same place as it will leave its prints on the floor. With wall-hung vanities, there are no such problems, and therefore, they have become popular and are accepted more and more by commercial and residential customers. 

If you wish to buy a bathroom vanity or any other bathroom fitting, you must look for a trusted bathroom supply store in your vicinity or an online store to get a wide range of options. Meanwhile, always remember the advantages and disadvantages of both types of vanities, and compare them to know which of the two is suitable for your bathroom. 


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