When Should You Contact a Plumber

When Should You Contact a Plumber?

Most Sydney households only call a plumber when they have a plumbing emergency. Considering the number of licensed plumbing agencies, you can swiftly find a skilful Plumber in Sydney. However, you must be able to identify some signs.

Before a clogged pipe or drain backs up or bursts, it’s critical to recognise the warning signals and know when to call a technician. Continue reading for clear signs that you should contact your plumber right away:

When the Pressure Is Low:

Gunk accumulation in the faucet’s aerator might cause lowering water pressure from the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom sink. In some cases, the problem can be solved by unscrewing the aerator, wiping the gunky residue, and then reinstalling it on the faucet. If your pressure doesn’t return to normal after this, there might be a more significant problem, such as a cracked pipe, degraded waterline, or a leak in the system. Do not attempt to resolve these compressed concerns on your own; instead, contact a professional as soon as possible.

When You Hear Gurgling:

When you use the toilet, clean the dishes, or use the dishwasher, you may hear gurgling. It might be the first indicator of a clogged or damaged drain. While your toilet gurgles when it’s not in use, it’s because it’s looking for air, and you’re probably in for a backup. Turn off the water instantly if you hear the noise while running the washing machine or dishwasher or while having a shower, so the equipment doesn’t back up into the home.

When Draining Takes Longer:

If your kitchen and bathroom sinks take longer than average to drain, it’s usually advisable to hire a professional to figure out what’s causing the blockage. Similarly, if you can’t get your tub, sink, or toilet to drain after using over-the-counter drain cleaners or plungers, call a plumber immediately. Attempting to clear the blockage too forcefully might result in more pipe damage.

When Your Toilet Clogs Frequently:

If your toilet clogs on a frequent basis, you’ll need to get professional help. Sewage sensors are available to plumbers, allowing them to view the sewer line. The accumulation of vegetation, rust, debris and dirt may all harm your sewer systems. If this is the case, these complex repairs will require the services of a plumber. Forcing your toilet to unclog or attempting it yourself might cause major harm to your property and sewage, ranging from sludge spilling into your hallway to persistent toilet damage that necessitates replacement.

When You See Frozen Pipes:

Sydney winters can get challenging, with temperatures touching even 7 to 8 degrees on most days. In such a scenario, if your pipes are frozen in the thick of winter, don’t wait to issue an SOS. You must reach out to a Plumber in Sydney or contact a plumbing agency. Clear signs of a crisis can be that you hear strange clanking noises when you turn on the taps, you can smell sewage coming from the faucet, and you may see ice or wetness on exposed pipes. 

Do not attempt to defrost the pipes manually; this might cause fractures or a complete rupture. When external temperatures drop below freezing, let your faucets drip cold water (particularly overnight) and keep sink cabinet doors open to enable warm air to circulate.

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