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Which Are the Best Fabrics For Men’s Underwear?

Selecting a comfortable fabric for your undies is more important than you think. Low-quality, ill-fitting underwear could cause skin rashes, blocking the blood flow, and many other issues. Men’s underwear is not as complicated as you think; you just need the right fit and fabric, and then the magic happens. Men usually focus a little on the style and design of the underwear and more on the right fit and comfort. However, if you want to buy men’s sexy underwear in Australia, numerous designs are available. But, you must remember that the fabric of the undies is paramount.

The fabric can make a huge difference in how you feel after wearing the underwear. The clothes you wear outside are worn over a vest and underwear, but the underwears are like a second skin for you. Hence, the fabric’s quality must be good.

The men’s clothing market size is about $1 Billion, with around 2,184 businesses in Australia focusing on men’s clothing. This market focuses on males between 15-34 years, 35-54 years, and 55 years and above. The men’s clothing market has been growing for the last decade. Although the pandemic has slowed down the sales, the industry is catching up to the usual level.

You may be wondering which fabrics are ideal for men’s underwear. The following section will enlist the best materials for you to choose from.

Which Are the Best Materials for Men’s Underwear?

Looks are essential for underwear—underwear is also a style statement for men for obvious reasons. However, the quality of the fabric is also important. The following are some of the best fabrics that will offer excellent fit and comfort:


This fabric is almost always on top in every category. Cotton fabric is always associated with comfort and skin-friendliness. You can use cotton underwear for everyday use, and it is best for the Australian summer. 

The summer season in the country starts in December and ends in February, and the location of the island nation plays a vital role in the hot weather. The temperature can range from 9°C to 29°C. Sometimes, the temperature goes up to 40°C as well. As mentioned earlier, cotton is best for the summer season. 


If you are looking for premium quality men’s sexy underwear in Australia, silk is the answer. This fabric is known for its smoothness and lustre. Not to forget the sensuality that comes with the silk fabric.

Though the fabric is excellent, you shouldn’t wash it regularly, and it can only be used a limited number of times. The material is thick, so it can be used in winter.


This is a diverse underwear fabric, and it is usually worn under all types of clothing. It offers the same comfort and absorption property as cotton. Modal is the right choice if you are looking for something sexy and comfortable.


This is pretty popular among men because of its build and its comfort. Don’t confuse the knit type with the fabric—mesh is not a fabric but a type of loose-knit but strong fabric. The underwear in mesh form is made up of polyester, nylon and other structural materials. the mesh fabric can regulate the airflow and help your skin breathe easy.

These are the fabrics you can choose from when shopping for men’s underwear. Choose the ideal material that suits your requirements.

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