How to Download Universal TV Remote app Android or IOS

Changing channels in today’s time without Universal TV Remote is also very difficult. In such a situation, what if the remote of your TV gets damaged due to some reason? Maybe buy a new TV remote?

How to Download Universal TV Remote app Android or IOS

This may be true too but today we are going to give information about Universal TV Remote that has to work with all brands like Sony, Samsung, UTV and you can also control it from mobile by downloading Universal TV Remote.

No money is required to download Universal TV Remote App. It is available for free for Android Phones, which anyone can download and control their TV. Such as changing the TV channel, controlling the volume, and other things that the normal remote can do.

Here you will get information about TV Remote Download and use along with its features, so any user who uses any brands present in India. This post is going to be very valuable for them, so read it carefully and share it.

What is Universal TV Remote

As its name is Universal TV remote which means it works for all the brands of TV in India like Samsung, UTV, Sony, MI, OnePlus, VU, and all others. It is used on mobile and can then be controlled by connecting it to the TV via WIFI.

The most important thing about Universal TV Remote is that it is a copy of the original remote and the features that are available in the original TV remote. Such as channel changing, Google Assistant voice control, volume control, menu, WIFI connectivity, and other features, everything is available in this.

So in such a situation, if it ever happens that you are watching a cricket match or watching an important movie or TV show. In such a situation, suddenly the TV remote stops working, then at that time you can control the TV without the remote using the mobile. In such a situation, after downloading an app on the mobile, all the remote features will be on the mobile.

Universal TV Remote Features:

  • Voice Search is available so that you can change the TV channel or start any other function by speaking on the phone.
  • Many people think that the TV cannot be turned off from the mobile. But this feature will also be available by downloading TV Remote App.
  • The feature of volume control is available.
  • Smart Sharing is available, which allows the TV to be shared in different modes with Universal TV Remote.
  • With this, all other functions buttons are available, how to open channel button, shortcut to open YouTube and other video streaming apps
  • More than 75 million people download and use Universal TV Remote App.

Download Universal TV Remote App

To play TV from mobile, it is necessary to download a correct TV Remote App. Because as everyone would have the idea that if a mobile app is becoming popular in India.

So many fakes are made and people are never able to reach the right app around it. In such a situation, the process has been described here to download the Universal TV Remote which will work for every TV.

Follow it carefully and download Universal TV App as described here and start using it after installing it on mobile. So first let’s see some highlights about it.

App Name Universal TV Remote Control
Version 1.1.24
Total Download 100,000,000+
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Download size 9 MB

Let’s know how to download TV Remote App.

Step 1. First of all, go to Google Play Store.

Step 2. Search Universal TV Remote Control in Play Store.

Step 3. The first app that will be found in the search here, has more than 100 million downloads.

Step 4. Click on the Install button given here.

Step 5. Now it has been downloaded and installed in the phone, you can start using it.

In this way, you can start using it by downloading it for free from Google Play Store. In such a situation, if a user is having problems in searching or they want some way that works easily, then for this, by clicking on the link, you can download it directly.

Benefits Of Universal TV Remote

Now it is important to know the answer to the question that what kind of benefits are there. Can it replace the original TV remote? What features are available in this which are not found on any other mobile app which is made for TV.

  • The biggest benefit is that it works for any brand of TV like Samsung, UTV, VU, Sony Projectors, and all other brands in India. This application will work for everyone.
  • If ever the TV remote of the house gets damaged or its battery has run out. In such a situation, you can run the TV from a mobile if you know this method.
  • It cannot replace the original remote. Yes, if everyone in the house downloads Universal TV App in mobile, then the remote may not be needed. Because only the phone that will not be in it will get to use it and it is necessary to have it in everyone’s phone.
  • Many times it happens that the remote does not work from far away and if we have to increase or decrease the volume, why to change the channel, then for this, we have to come to the TV. Whereas if it is done by using the app on mobile, then once connected, you can control it from anywhere in the house.
  • The biggest thing is that it is absolutely free, although its paid version also comes. But if the user wants, he can also use it for free. There is no need to buy the logo.

Hope you have not faced any problems in downloading TV Remote and this is an amazing TV remote application. Which is available for free for Android users. Using this, any user can use it without having the original remote. Since it works with TVs of every brand, then all the work will be done with one app.

How to download Pikashow apk For PC

How to download Pikashow apk is a free streaming video app for Android that allows you to view your favorite movies, TV series, Web Series, live TV, the Indian Premier League, and much more. Turn your phone into a mini-TV? The word “television” relates to the capability to watch live cricket matches, movies, and dramas all in one location. Yes, you may use download Pikashow Apk — Install on your Phone to transform your Android phone into a television.

What is Information Pikashow Apk

Pikashow is a one-of-a-kind application that blends two completely different aspects to become incredibly popular. The ability to explore millions of movies and trailers in a variety of genres is its initial feature. Comedy, action, drama, children, kids, action/adventure, kids’ films, documentaries, comedy shows, action/adventures, Wes Anderson films, Steven Spielberg films, fantasy films directed by Tom Cruise, magical-horror films directed by Wes Craven, horror films directed by Sam Raimi, science fiction films directed by JJ Abrams, and westerns are one of the categories.

We found that a significant number of TV series are also available to watch online. Comedy shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons, drama shows like Lost, Psych, Law, and Order, and others are among them. If you’re looking for something in any of these genres, you’ll have no difficulty finding it. How to download Pikashow apk

The second feature of pikashow apk download that we adore is its user-friendly interface, which works with most Android devices beginning with Kit Kat 4.4. The icons are simple to interpret and color-coded to help you figure out which category a film belongs to. Everything is laid out in a very logical manner, and the search tools are quick and simple to use. Moreover, Pikashow is a large app that can easily fit on a very little screen, making it very useful for all users.

More Pikashow APK Features

Fast Browsing Feature

In most video streaming apps, it is a common fault that they are slow streaming the videos even on fast internet. If you use this Piko TV, you will never have to deal with those issues.

The videos will never crash in the middle of a stream, and the app’s search for a particular movie is lightning-fast.

Free of Cost

The Pikashow APK download application subscription and registration on your Android device are both free. At any level of enrolment, the application will never ask for money. Even the movies and dramas you can watch will be free. You are under no duty to pay for any of the entertainment.

Live TV | Pikashow apk download

The Pikashow app is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment. The Pikashow app is a one-stop shop for keeping up with your favorite sports team or simply checking out what’s going on in town. The most recent movies, music videos, documentaries, and news are all available in this one place, which also includes trailers for upcoming films.


Thousands of channels are accessible on the app, providing to all sorts of entertainment. Pay-per-view movies, ThopTV shows, news, and current events from across the world are available. Other channels are dedicated to food, health, and living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, you now have a wide range of options for keeping yourself happy while on the go. The Pikashow APK is compatible with the majority of Android devices.

No Premium Membership

It does not require users to pay for a premium membership because all of its features are available free. Every user who downloads the game has access to all of the components, and they can use them without purchasing a provided individuals from the app.

Pika Show Live ICC t20 world cup & IPL 2022

The features stated above offer large video collections; however, Pika Show provides one of the best features: live sports streaming. As of 2022, the IPL and the ICC t20 world cup are the most popular sports, hence the app will be live-streaming IPL matches. As a result, every cricket fan should download it.

High-Quality Videos | Pikashow apk download

The Pika show shows videos in high definition. For any TV show or movie, the video quality is not impacted. You also can change the video quality according to your preferences and internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, you could choose to watch a low-quality movie.

What is Pikashow APK Special?

  • Pikashow is different from others due to its features so have a look at its features:
  • This app will work with practically all types of devices, including Smart TVs and Firesticks. So go on and download the app and start streaming your favorite shows.
  • You don’t need WiFi or anything like that to enjoy your favorite show; all you need is your mobile data.
  • Whether you’re a movie buff or a sports fan, there are a number of categories to pick from. You’re covered with ThopTV.
  • This app’s library is regularly updated so you may view the most recent movies and shows.
  • This app also allows you to watch live television, with a range of channels to pick from.
  • The finest feature is that you may download any movie and enjoy it at any moment on your smartphone.
  • You can also share the movies with your friends and family.
  • Simple to use: The homepage features all of the most recent films.
  • High-quality videos: We all want to view videos in high-definition. Don’t worry, this great application adjusts the quality of your video to your internet connection, and the best thing is that your streaming will continue even if your internet connection is weak.
Special Features of the Pikashow Apk:

1. All categories-

  • Sci-fi
  • Action
  • Kids
  • Family
  • Thriller
  • Animation
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Romance etc.

Gives you all types of content resources like:

  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • South Indian
  • Korean
  • Foreign Content

High Quality:

  • 240p, 480p
  • 720p, 1080p
  • 2k, 4k, etc.

Is Pikashow app safe?

Yes, the pikashow apk download is totally safe because it does not keep all of the data on their server; instead, it simply provides links with appropriate fonts and other features. As a result, this application is not illegal, and you can use it without fear. If you have any doubts, I would also advise you to use a VPN.


Finally, Pikashow APK is the best choice for watching all trending content without spending the cash from your pocket. You can now download the latest of this app for free on your Android device and use it to entertain yourself by watching different activities from all over the world.

How to Play Online Fantasy Game | Jeet11 App

Sharechat has released the new jeet11 fantasy cricket app. As this is a new app, you have a good chance of making money with this new jeet11 fantasy cricket app. We are all aware of how hard it is to win in Fantasy Prediction. But, as I’ve observed over the previous several years, we can easily win in a newly launched app.

This Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App features the same UI as other popular fantasy applications such as Real11, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11, and GameZy. Before the game starts, you only need to select a squad from the game lineups. If you rank high, you have a chance to earn a lot of money; otherwise, you will lose.

jeet11 Fantasy Cricket app

Not just Cricket, but Jeet11 has recently included Football and other games such as Quiz. The biggest advantage of cricket app is that you may use their platform without installing their app if you want to. By inviting a new friend to the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App, you may earn Rs 100 in a deposit wallet and a Rs 100 cash bonus.

Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App has a number of features that are similar to those found in other fantasy cricket apps such as Real11, My11Circle, and many others. And the Jeet11 App has some unique and interesting features that appeal to me greatly. As a result, I decided to create a post on Jeet11, a new fantasy cricket application.

What is jeet11 Fantasy Cricket game?, a new fantasy cricket app from Sharechat, was just released. This is a brand-new software that allows you to profit from the new Jeet11 cricket fantasy app. We all know how hard it is to make a fantasy forecast. But, as I’ve seen over the last several years, we can just win in a freshly released app.

Not just Cricket, and also Football and a range of other games, such as Quiz, have recently been introduced to Jeet11. The biggest benefit of Jett11 is that you may use their platform without installing your application if you want to.

From the Jeet 11 new Fantasy Cricket App, you may get Rs 100 on your deposit wallet and Rs 100 on your new friend. The Jeet11 new Fantasy Real11, My11Circle, and other new fantasy cricket apps are available through Cricket App. And the Jeet11 Cricket App has some exciting features specific and distinct.

How to register or log Jeet11 app/website?

With an easy to use interface, Jeet11 allows users to quickly register or log in. You must first register as a verified user on Jeet 11 before you can begin playing. The following are the steps to register for Jeet 11:

  • Go to Jeet 11’s login page and type your phone number in. After you’ve provided your phone number, you’ll be prompted to input your name.
  • You can select to submit your referral code on the Jeet11 login screen. If someone suggested the app to you, you may earn rewards using their referral code.
  • To continue, you must agree to the conditions of use offered by once all details have been filled in.
  • You will receive an OTP from Jeet11, which you must input on the login screen. When you’ve entered your OTP, click ‘Submit OTP.’
  • You may start playing fantasy sports after finishing the Jeet11 signup process. You do not need to establish a password once you have finished the Jeet11 login process. By entering the OTP received, you may quickly sign in to Jeet11. Every time you try to log in, will email you an OTP.

Is Jeet11 App legal & Safe?

During in the registration process, the asks users to verify whether or not they belong to the fantasy limitation states. The reason behind this is that the government has banned fantasy sports apps in several states, including Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Users may also remove their profile, gaming account, and block any commercial messages on the app at any time. The gaming platform has a one-of-a-kind password and login details that only the user has access to.

I’m sure you’re all wondering whether or not it’s safe to link your gaming app to your bank account. Surely, the answer is certain. Jeet11 adheres by all of the Supreme Court of India’s rules and regulations. It also differs from a gambling event in that the game incorporates skill, ability, and the game itself.

How to Start playing on Jeet11?

Once you have successfully enrolled on the Jeet11 gaming site, you will all play your first match.

1) You may select a match from the following list by selecting on any game, spanning from cricket to football.

2) If you enter a contest, you may be available to compete a free match based on the amount of money you have in your wallet.

3) Based on the amount of players allowed in this game, choose submit your team’s players.

4) Make certain that you build a powerful team after a thorough examination of the restrictions and the use of a few credit points.

5) After you’ve chosen your squad’s players, you must choose a Chief and Vice-Captain from your selected player list.

6) All of the points your team wins are instantly converted to real money and put to your Jeet11 wallet. Users may easily withdraw money earned by linking their bank account to the app.

7) All players may increase or remove a limit of Rs. 10,000 /- without showing an official document. If the amount is higher than Rs. 10,000/-, you must provide a copy of the KYC along with the PAN card and bank account information.

How to make Fantasy Cricket Team on Jeet11?

  • From the Dashboard, choose from the future matches or tournaments.
  • Select any game from the active tournaments that you want to play in.
  •  On the next phase, you’ll be able to see the whole list of players.
  • Create your team under the 100-credit cap per team.
  • Each player will be charged in the form of credits, which will be listed next to the player’s name.
  • From your Fantasy Team, choose one captain and one vice captain.
  • The Captain will receive 2X the points he scored in the real game.
  • The Vice Captain will receive 1.5X the points he scored in the real game.
  • Last but not last, submit your team.
  • Keep records of your role in the league based on your points. Good luck with your earnings!!

What is DIFFERENT JEET11 and DREAM11 ?

Dream11 is a leading fantasy sports company that was launched in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. It currently has over 100 million users and is the first gaming app to be accepted to the Unicorn Club. Jeet11, on the other hand, is a rapidly growing fantasy sports app that was launched in 2015 and now has 120K registered users.

Users may now play only a few games on the JEET11 platform, such as cricket and football. On the other hand, the Dream11 app offers users to play a number of sports like hockey, volleyball, handball, baseball, Kabaddi, basketball, cricket, and football.

Jeet11 varies from Dream11 in that it is required to provide PAN verification and pay certain fees in order to participate in any tournament. Users of the JEET11 App, on the other hand, may play with their credit points and no KYC verification is required. a fantasy sports app, is expected to be a strong competitor for Dream11 in the coming years.

Conclusion :

The Jeet11 Founders, Their Origin, What is Jeet11, How to Play Jeet11, and How to Download Jeet 11 are all listed here. I hope you enjoyed reading our article. Keep leaving comments on our articles so that we may continue to improve our content.

Download Unacadamy Learning App for PC Windows

Download Unacademy Learning App for PC: It is India’s largest learning platform that is always working to improve your learning experience. With the Download Unacademy App for PC, we aspire to change the way India learns one class at a time.

Do you want to get the unacademy app on your computer or laptop? And if you’ve been seeking for a way to get Download Unacademy for PC, you’ve come to the right spot. Since this post would provide step-by-step instructions for getting the strong>Unacademy software for PC. So, if you’re interested in learning more about them, read the full text and don’t skip any parts.

Download Unacademy Learning App for PC

The Unacademy App is a one-stop shop for all of your learning requirements, from the fundamentals to advanced knowledge. Take the first step toward success by studying with Unacademy now by attending Free Live Classes. Attending Free Live Classes using the Unacademy learning app is the first step toward success. For a chance to earn scholarships, take free mock tests!

What is Unacademy Learning App?

Unacademy is a learning app with hundreds of highly qualified and experienced instructors that can explain anything. That is the key reason for the popularity of the unacademy software for PC in India. Unacademy has grown to become India’s greatest and first online learning app, allowing you to access all of your learning resources in one place.

With the all-new Unacademy Learner App, you’ll discover a whole new approach to pass your dream exam! Prepare for CAT, JEE, IIT, State PSCs, NEET-UG, SSC Exams, other competitive exams, and CBSE Class 6–12 with India’s Top Educators. Live classes, question and answer sessions, test series, and batch courses are all accessible from the comfort of your own home, and you may study for 100+ subjects!

With a Bangalore-based business, it is one of the best and most popular Indian online education programmes. Gaurav Munjal initially created Unacademy in 2010 as a YouTube channel name.

The organisation provides a solid platform with over 1800 educators and competitive tests for a wide range of professionals. Unacademy lessons are available for free or on a subscription basis. Bangalore is the headquarters of the firm, which was founded in 2015. Unacademy is different from Byju in that it is a free platform, whereas Byju is fully paid, and Unacademy provides numerous competitive assessments from prominent professors.

Unacademy App for PC File Info:

  • App Name: Unacademy Learning app
  • Downloads: 11 million+
  • Category: Education
    Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & Mac Book
  • App Size: 29.45 MB
  • Version: 6.6.555
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Developers: Sorting Hat Technologies Private limited

Features of the New Unacademy Learning App

With the Unacademy App, you may have unlimited access to Live Classes, Mock Tests, Quizzes, Courses, and more.

Here are some of the most useful things you may use to ace your exam.

  • Interactive Live Classes
  • Practice Section
  • Lecture Notes
  • Raise a Hand
  • Performance Statistics
  • Batch Recommendations
  • All New Planner
  • Weekly Mock Tests and Quizzes
  • Never Miss A-Class
  • Ask You’re Doubts
  • Compete within Groups

How to Install and Download Unacademy App for PC (Windows and Mac)

The strong>Unacademy app for PC/strong> may be installed and downloaded in two ways. Windows 7, 8, 10, or a Mac are all viable options.

Method 1: Download Unacademy App for PC using NoxPlayer

To begin, go to and download NoxPlayer from the URL provided below on your PC/Windows/Mac.

Install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on your Windows or Mac computer.
Now open and Launch the NoxPlayer Android Emulator.
Open Nox player and search for “Unacademy” in the search bar.
Locate the Unacademy app in the search results and click Install.
After installing it, go to the home screen and select Unacademy to begin using it

Method 2: Unacademy Download for PC using Bluestacks

First and foremost, go to the URL below to download BlueStacks on your PC (Windows/Mac).

  • Double-click the downloaded file to install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  • It will begin the install. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation in a couple of minutes.
  • Open the Emulator and double-click the BlueStacks icon on your desktop once it has been installed.
  • Search for “Unacademy” in the search box of BlueStacks.
  • Click Install after discovering the Unacademy app in the search results.
  • In a matter of seconds, Unacademy will be installed on your PC (Windows/Mac).
  • To use Unacademy, navigate to the BlueStacks home screen after it has been successfully installed.


For PC, there’s an app called Unacadamy. So, guys, I’ve covered all you need to know about How to Download Unacadamy Learning App for PC, Windows, or Laptop in this post.

For PC, there’s an app called Unacadamy. So, guys, I’ve covered all you need to know about How to Download Unacadamy Learning App for PC, Windows, or Laptop in this post.

Unacademy makes learning really simple. Download the unacademy learning app if you need to brush up on your knowledge or prepare for an exam in your spare time.

Transfer Backup WhatsApp From iPhone To Android Steps To Follow

WhatsApp is a messaging platform used by 1.5 billion people around the world. It connects all of your friends and family members and allows you to text easily and quickly. However, on exceptional cases, people would back up their WhatsApp messages in order to maintain all of their data safe and secure.

However, good transferring software, such as Dr.Fone from Wondershare, is required for transferring whatsapp messages from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone. It includes a great and powerful tool that allows you to transfer your complete WhatsApp chat from iOS to Android. This post will help you understand and learn how to transfer whatsapp from an iPhone to an Android phone, as well as why Dr.Fone is the best software for the job.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Chats From iOS To Android?

The process of transferring WhatsApp from an Android device to an iPhone or an iPhone to an Android phone is not difficult. To guarantee that the task transfer is a total success, you must follow several steps precisely. Please see the information below to understand how it’s done.

Step 1: Dr.Fone Switch & Connect Your Device & Launch

Download the tool from its official site and finish the installation process, which should only take a few minutes. After that, you’ll need to connect both your Android and iPhone devices, then open the Dr.Fone app on your desktop or laptop. When you first start the software, you’ll see a lot of options on the screen. You must press the Switch button in order to keep.

Step 2: Choose Data To Recover Backup

Once you’ve connected your Android and iPhone devices, you’ll have to wait a while. The Android device will be identified as the destination, while the iPhone will be identified as the source. You may also use the “Flip” option to quickly switch between both the two options. Don’t forget to double data files you’re moving from the source to the destination device. Not only will you be able to move chat messages, but you will also be able to move images, music, contacts, and videos.

Step 3: Transfer Your Whatsapp Information

When you’ve decided exactly what sort data you would like to move from your iPhone to your Android device, click “Start Transfer.” As a result, the transmission work will begin right away. You’ll need to be patient because the transfer process may take some time to complete. The transfer indicator will tell you how much longer it will take or how many files are left to transfer. Make absolutely sure you don’t unplug the devices while the transfer is in process. You’ll have had to start over if you can’t understand.

Is The Software Safe?

Yes, in a word. Professional and certified technicians have tested and validated Dr.Fone. Personal information will not be sent or collected by the software from any sources. All of the operations will be carried out on a personal computer that is virus-free. It’s fair to assume that the software won’t destroy your device and won’t share your data with anyone else.

Other Main Features Of Dr.Fone

Even though the tool makes it simple to move data between two devices, it isn’t the only feature it offers. There are a few other features that make this software stand out. They are as follows:

Data Eraser: Data on Android is not permanently erased by simple delete or factory reset. With current technology, the lost data can still be retrieved. By permanently deleting deleted data, cleaning browsing history, caches, and safeguarding your personal information, Android/iOS Data Eraser assures that your privacy is protected.

Data Restore & Backup: With the this feature, you can backup all of your data from your Android or iPhone device with a single click. The backed-up data may be transferred to a laptop or desktop computer. Otherwise, you’re free to move it to any device you want.

System Repair: This Android/iOS repair removes the need to search for a suitable firmware to flash your phone. In only a few clicks, you can repair your Android/iOS system. It is very simple to operate throughout the Android/iOS system repair since on-screen instructions are supplied to assist you step by step.

System unlock: Whether or whether you remember your device’s screen lock password, you can remove it by using the screen unlock function. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the screens of your iPad and iPhone, as well as overcome the iCloud activation lock in a matter of seconds on iOS devices. You may deactivate four different types of lock screens on Android devices: fingerprints, passwords, patterns, and PIN.

Why Choose Dr.Fone To Transfer WhatsApp Chats?

Dr.Fone is the most popular transferring software on the market. Within minutes, it will effortlessly transfer all of your WhatsApp data from one device to another. However, there are a number of additional strong reasons to use this outstanding software. Take a look at the list below!

  • The tool comes with a comprehensive set of utilities for recovering all of your important data from your iPhone to your Android device.
  • With only one click, you’ll be able to gain root access to your smartphone.
  • A lock screen may be removed with this utility.
  •  Will copy all data from one device to the other without stuttering.

Wrapping up

Dr.Fone now makes WhatsApp transfer, backup, or restore a breeze. It can transfer WhatsApp messages directly from iPhone/iPad/Android to iPhone/iPad/Android, backup WhatsApp to PC in a single click, and recover WhatsApp backup to a new iPhone or Android. Make sure you get the software from the company’s official website and not anywhere else.

Why Are Every Start-up Using Fleet Management Software to Grow their Business

Fleet Management Software, managing enterprise fleets and their day-to-day operations is a Herculean task. Most fleet managers still use paper and pen for trip planning, excel sheets for vehicle and driver data, and phone calls and texts to communicate with drivers.

Start-up Using Fleet Management Software

Enterprise fleet management operators should utilize effective fleet management software to increase efficiency and processes. The FMS will improve driver communication and simplify vehicle management.

We’ll talk about why enterprise fleet management software is necessary for large fleet management in this article.

Operations are streamlined Management

Because fleet managers may build and assign trips using the software application on the web or mobile applications, management software will expedite fleet operations. The driver will be alerted about the trip allocated by the fleet manager via the driver application, such as the place to pick up the car, loading point, and unloading point locations.

Driver communication has increased as a result of the fleet management ecosystem of FMS and DRIVER APP, since the driver and fleet manager engage digitally.

Apart from trip planning and management, the fleet manager may keep track of the vehicle and driver lists, as well as their current status. Using fleet management software, fleet managers may follow the vehicle and its current state, avoiding unnecessary calls from drivers.

With the use of a GPS vehicle monitoring system or alternatives to GPS such as SIM tracking, dash cams, and driver app tracking, the fleet manager can enhance route optimization and planning.

Procedures Organized software management

The fleet management software manages fleets, and the programmed offers current vehicle status with a number of vehicles in transit, loading station, unloading station, and shed/service. Because the driver updates all status updates via the driver app, fleet managers can follow the loading status without having to call the driver.

The app will also give vehicle performance data, driver behavior reports, and share travel status with consumers for ETAs and live location tracking.

Instead of travelling from one place to another, fleet management software keeps all essential information, status, data, and papers in one central location which everyone in the team can view it.

Better Customer Service tracking

Customers are crucial to any successful business, and many shippers use management software to deliver superior customer service. The fleet management software will allow you to share your journey for live tracking, manage your costs online, and service that is offered.

Customers’ queries do not have to be answered just by fleet managers; anybody with access to the management software may check and share the vital information requested by clients.

When a customer uses the management software, all of his details related to trips, consignment and bill details, papers and ETAs are available for planning to improve efficiency and productivity.

Detailed Analytics & Report Statistics

Various statistics and analytics will be accessible in the management software to assist with important business decisions and vehicle performance monitoring.

Vehicle productivity report, distance travelled report, idle report, over speed report, driver performance information, maintenance report, and other major reports will be provided in management software. Other vital reports to improve the productivity and reduce downtime of vehicle.

Fleet management software is a fantastic tool that every fleet manager who uses it will find beneficial on a daily basis. VAMOSYS is a leader in the fleet management system, and our solution exceeds all expectations and deliver best-in-class options for all aspects of fleet management.

IT Sector Sunset Support for Windows XP. Games

Support for Windows XP You’ve probably received alerts on your computer desktop and in the Microsoft Security Accessories box for weeks, and you’ve been reading headlines for much longer. There’s no doubt that if you have Facebook friends in the IT sector, they’ve been posting articles for the last six to twelve months.

What would the consequence of continuing to use a difficult operating system be now that you know your Baixar Windows XP machine explodes or refuses to shut down once the support time is over? It will not assist you, for example, if you need to contact Microsoft for any issues starting today.

If you’re like most people, you haven’t contacted Microsoft in over a year, so take advantage of the fact that you won’t be there in the future. You can relax knowing that as long as you wish to use XP, consulting companies like Maverick Solutions will be there to help you.

Latest Version of Windows XP the Best.

Other than Microsoft support, there will be no security patches, feature updates, bug fixes, or driver updates. Microsoft may have found and patched the bulk of the issues 12 years later. If they wish, drivers have been already released for all current devices. Because Windows will not have any new features, the latest version of Windows XP is the best.

What about security and safety?

This technology has been used by hackers for as long as humans have been using it, but nothing will change. When Microsoft discovered a flaw in Windows XP, it released a patch to tackle the problem.

Security issues are usually discovered after the fact, as a consequence of an opportunistic study of the danger. Security experts do not pursue vulnerabilities until someone discovers them and forces them to use them, much as drugs do not develop vaccinations till they get the disease. However, developing solutions as well as disseminating them to Windows users takes time.

Download & install Windows Updates

It may take a week or more for your computer to receive and install security fixes if it is set to automatically download and install Windows updates. You will very likely never discover such updates if your machine is set up properly.

In fact, as there are millions of bad guys attacking technology and few security experts protecting us, good guys choose a triad when deciding which weaknesses to attack first. Those who are most likely to do big damage are handled with first, while those that are more obscure or less harmful are sent to the back burner.

Since third-party anti-malware software has the same faults as operating system patches, relying on them to protect your system is not the best choice.

Support for Windows XP

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and has shifted security experts to the new operating system, which is excellent news for Windows XP customers. Hackers save time by attacking the most popular apps, just as security experts attempt to spend their time to deal with the most prevalent and destructive malware.

There is no method to identify the vulnerabilities if less than 1% of machines still use Microsoft DOS in the 0 percent. There will be some scary areas where these dangers may be exploited, and finding these systems will take time. Microsoft’s choice to decrease security experts on new operating systems starting with Windows XP indicates that these operating systems are taking market share, which will attract more users.

Available to Windows XP Users

However, as a strategy, the best anti-malware concept still applies, and it’s free: don’t use an administrator account as a regular user account. In the long run, the second best method will be free and useful: Microsoft security products should be installed and updated. By July, Microsoft plans to make it available to Windows XP users. find a local consulting firm like ours and set it up for you.

So, why would anyone want to upgrade to a new operating system if everything is working? Most technology experts cited security concerns as a reason to upgrade, but at Maverick Solutions, we understand that functionality and features are more likely to lead you in the correct direction.

How ot Montage Pro Apk Download v3.6.7 Free Download For Android

Montage Pro Apk Download : As you may be know, video editing plays an important role in our lives, which is why individuals pay a lot of money to hire a professional to edit their videos. If you don’t want to spend money on video editing, download the free Android app “Montage Pro” on your smartphone or tablet.

Video editing was not easy for a novice a few years ago, but now anyone can edit videos directly from their smartphone or tablet using different video editing apps and tools. Try this new editing tool or app with multiple features and effects for free if you’re looking for an all-in-one video editing app or tool.

What is Montage Pro Apk?

As already said, it is a new and updated all-in-one video editing app that allows both Android and iOS users from all over the world to edit their videos and use the most up-to-date editing tools and features that allow them to cut, crop, trim, and split videos according to their needs for free.

This app not only assists regular people in video editing, but it also allows professionals to make short films and professional tales for various social networking sites and apps for free using the most up-to-date video editing tools and apps.

Because of its amazing features and functions, you will fall in love with this app once you try it on your smartphone. It also lets users to customize their watermarks so that no one else may use their project with your permissions.

Information about App

  • Name Montage Pro
  • Version v3.6.7
  • Size 77.2 MB
  • Developer Mitron TV Package
  • Name pro.montage
  • Android Required 5.0+
  • Price Free
Which special tool users will get in Montage Pro Video Editor App?

Users of the new pro edition of the video editor app will have access to the following special tools:

Video Trimmer

This tool allows users to cut and combine current and new films directly from inside the app.

Video Splitter

This application allows users to split videos into different clips based on their needs.

Crop Tool

As the name suggests, this software allows users to crop movies to their preferred ratio directly from the app.


This application allows users to create a dramatic look by combining transitions and effects from a variety of effects and stickers.


This tool allows you to add in-built filters to your films, allowing you to beautify them with stunning filters and effects for free.

Colour Correction

Since colours are so important in video editing, this software also allows users to highlight certain colours and shades.

Video Rotation

It also allows you to rotate or flip the video with only a few clicks, based on your needs and requirements.


Allow users to apply Customize watermark to their project and remove all water marks from the app.

Fit Video to Your Screen

Option to change video size and ratio and Convert videos to 1:1, 3:4, 9:16 & 16:9 aspect ratios.

Screenshots of App

How to add music to your videos using Montage Pro Android?

This software also allows users to modify the background music of their videos as well as add new music and songs to them using the options shown below.

Music Library

It has created a music library that allows users to access a large number of free moods and genres that are appropriate to their content.

International music library

It also includes a section dedicated to foreign music, where customers may download free international music.

Voice Recorder

It also includes a built-in voice recorder for dubbing. Record a video of yourself and add it to the video.

Extract & Upload

  • Users may also take music from other videos and utilise it in their own creations.
  • Whether you’re looking for a different video editing app, check out the ones listed below.

Which social networking apps have a link with Montage Pro Download?

Users may share their work directly through this new video editing software on the following popular social networking applications and websites:

YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Tiktok, Snack, Trell, Triller, MX Takatak, Mitron, Josh and many more apps and websites which users will know after using this app.

How to download and install Montage Pro Video Editor Apk?

If you want to get the original software for free, you may get it from the Google Play Store or any other legitimate or legal app store. Users must, however, boost any third-party website in order to download the pro or mod version of the app.

If you are having difficulty downloading the mod version of this software, you may use the direct download link given at the end of the post to download and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Allow all permissions and enable unknown sources from the location services while installing the mod version.

How to edit videos using Montage Mod Apk?

After installing the app, open it but you’ll be taken to the main page, where you can see the program’s version and other data. Wait a few seconds and you’ll be sent to the app’s primary editing studio.

After a few seconds, you’ll be sent to the editing studio, where you’ll find two options for creating new projects:

If you want to edit an existing video, choose the gallery option and provide access to your gallery in order to upload a video that you want to edit or change by adding new effects, filters, text styles, and a range of other new features.

Users who wish to take new video with this app must select the camera option and grant this app camera access in order to capture new video and edit it for free.


Montage Pro Video Editor for Android is a new video editing app that comes with a variety of tools and features. Try this new editing app and share it with your family and friends if you want to use numerous editing tools in one app. More apps and games may be discovered by subscribing to our page.

Download ThopTV for PC/Laptop – Windows(10/8/7) & Mac Latest Version

Download ThopTV for Windows PC: Hello there, my buddy. Good morning to our blog post on the ThopTV app. We will assist you in learning everything there is to know about ThopTV app. We also demonstrate how to utilise ThopTV on a PC running On windows. Let’s get began with the article. Most people see watching television as a hobby.

This is why you see a growth in the number of visits to sites like YouTube every day. Apart from watching movies online, the majority of the people choose to watch tv shows. Most TV shows are now available to watch online on mobile devices and Android TV.

Locating online TV channels is really tough. Fortunately, several apps have grown in popularity over multiple platforms. The ThopTV app is one such example. There’s many numerous TV apps like ThopTV, however ThopTV has more features and options than any other software. Let’s get back to work.

What is ThopTV for PC?

ThopTV for Windows

ThopTV is a software that allows users to create and stream free movies. It includes the highest-rated, most popular, and best films ever made. This enables you to view only the most recent great films for free and without any inconvenience. This application is used to stream the necessary entertainment channels, live games, and so on.

It differs from the movie box and other movie apps in appearance. This is one of the most popular entertainment apps these days. People love to watch movies and shows on large displays, thus they are looking for a solution to instal ThopTV APK on their PC or TV. We’ll show you how to use the ThopTV app on a PC rather than an Android phone.

Even though there are numerous TV apps available on the internet, we recommend that our users use this app because of its advanced features and settings. This app has millions of users all over the world and is compatible with all devices. Now, let’s have a look at how to instal ThopTV on a PC in a few easy steps.

Why ThopTV App on PC Windows?- Advanced Options

You may have a cinema-like experience without paying for tickets with this ThopTV app. It’s used to arrange late-night movie evenings with friends or relatives. You may get free popcorn and drinks while watching your favorite shows and movies.
This app has a wide range of films from the finest film industries, like Hollywood and Bollywood.

While using the ThopTV app, you will never be bored. The best features are the music collection and music channels.

Countless, melodic, allows you to freely listen to a variety of rhythms. You can plug in hands-free and listen to unlimited music both online and offline with this device.

The ThopTV app allows you to watch 5000+ channels (including local, national, and international TV stations) from a variety of countries.
It also works with mobile data, so you may use it while on the go.

For searching for movies and shows, ThopTV PC offers a customised search option.
The app alerts you when a new episode of the show is ready so you don’t forget to watch it.

It offers free live broadcasts, movies, and a variety of other shows. This software not only allows users to watch cricket matches, but it also allows you to watch other sports like football and kabaddi.
It allows you to view your live sport without any interruption. Cricket matches can be watched live and for free.

All of these are strong reasons to instal this app on your iPhone. Install the ThopTV app on your PC using the steps below and enjoy all of the above features.

Steps to Install ThopTV on PC Windows

The ThopTV app cannot be installed on a Windows PC directly. It is necessary to use an Android emulator. The Bluestacks emulator is a software that allows you to run Android applications on your computer. It’s how most Android applications for PC Windows are downloaded and operated.

To instal the ThopTV software on your PC Windows, you should use Bluestacks. If you don’t want to use Bluestacks, the NOX app player is a good alternative. The steps for installation are a bit long.

To start, you first must download and instal Nox/Bluestacks for PC Windows from its official website.

  • Then, go to the installed Bluestacks’ home screen.
  • Find the Google Play Store on the Bluestacks main screen.
  • You’ll need to log in with your Google account for this.
  • Go to the Play Store and put “ThopTV” into the search box.

After you’ve found the ThopTV app, click “Install” to begin the installation process. The ThopTV app will download and instal on your device after you choose the instal option.
You can use ThopTV on PC with the aid of an android app player once the ThopTV app is installed.

Note: If you can’t locate the app on the Google Play Store, look for other TV apps on the Google Play Store.

Final Words:

The ThopTV app allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and channels for free. Entertainment has grown into a critical part of daily living. When you take a moment to breathe on the edge of this quickly existence, the ThopTV app will surprise you. Use the app and tell us all about your experience. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

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Download ThopTV for PC (Windows, 7, 8, 9, 10) & Mac for Free

ThopTV for PC Do you know that you can watch movies, TV episodes, series, and other stuff for free on a variety of devices? Are you aware of a solution that allows you to view all of your favourite entertainment channels in one convenient location? Have you heard of live TV streaming apps before?

The answer to all of these questions is the streaming app, which is a platform that allows you to watch a large amount of content without having to pay a subscription fee.

Download ThopTV for PC (Windows, 7, 8, 9, 10) & Mac

Whether it’s movies, TV shows, sports, news, series, music, or anything else that you can watch on your TV for a price, you can enjoy it for free on your Android, iOS, computer/laptop, FireStick, Amazon Fire TV, and a variety of other devices.

Thousands of Indian and foreign channels are available through ThopTV, one of the most popular streaming applications, and you can spend hours of your spare time viewing your favourite material on any device. It allows you to search through over 300 different categories to discover these channels.

If you want to watch live TV on your PC or Mac, this article will walk you through the process of installing ThopTV on your system.

However, we think that before continuing to the installation phase, you must become more acquainted with this software so that you can know how to make the most of its available features.

Features of ThopTV – What makes it stand out?

These are some of the amazing features of ThopTV that set it apart from other comparable applications and will also help you to understand why you should use this fantastic app.

ThopTV is a completely free app, which means you may download and use it on your device for no cost. Moreover, there is no need to register or sign up, and you will never be asked for any personal information.

This app allows you to watch high-quality videos while just using a little amount of data. You may watch videos in a number of codecs, ranging from 144p to 1080p, based on your preferences.

Radio support is one of the finest aspects of this streaming software, which is rare to get in any other streaming app. It has over 5000 radio channels from which to choose, as well as the ability to listen to radio channels in several languages.

This app makes it that much easy to find your crucial attribute because it provides access to over 3000 live TV channels for Indian and foreign users. Because this app was developed solely for India, it has less international channels than other streaming apps.

It provides subtitle support for each video, allowing consumers to better understand and enjoy their preferred content.

It has a basic and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to use the app.
You may easily browse and access the material in the app, even if you are a beginner.
Another feature that distinguishes this most popular streaming software from others is the live chat support.

It means that if you have a problem with this app, you can easily contact with the experts live and get a solution.
Do you want to know how to instal ThopTV on your Windows or Mac computer?

If you’ve been waiting for the answer to this question, your wait is finally ended.

You’ll find a step-by-step guide to install this fantastic streaming app on your PC in the next section. Moreover, while you can view your favourite video on your PC without disruption, there will be no one to disturb you.

How to get ThopTV on your PC and Mac?

Initially, ThopTV, like several other streaming apps, is only accessible for Android users. However, in order to set it apart from the competition, ThopTV’s developers have created an exclusive version of the software for PC and Mac users. It implies that by clicking these versions, you may directly download and instal ThopTV on your PC or Mac.

Using the setup file (32-bit or 64-bit) to instal ThopTV on your Windows PC or Mac OS is one of the easiest ways to experience unlimited streaming video on your computers/laptops.

However, you may use an Android emulator to instal ThopTV on your PC or Mac. There’s no need to be concerned. Using this app on your PC is, like the above-mentioned method, a much easier procedure.

Whichever app or online game you wish to install on your PC, an Android emulator allows you to do it seamlessly and in a matter of minutes.

You’ll discover how to install ThopTV on your PC/Mac with the help of two of the most popular and reliable emulators, BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

Getting ThopTV on PC/Mac using BlueStacks

ThopTV will be installed on your PC and Mac using BlueStacks, one of the best Android emulators. To get this, follow these steps.

  • BlueStacks must first be installed on your PC or Mac. To get BlueStacks, go to this page and click the download button.
  • After that, you must instal it by double-clicking the downloaded file. However, to guarantee that this emulator is installed correctly, please sure to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Open the emulator after it has finished installing.
  • The ThopTV APK may be downloaded from the URL provided below.
  • When you double-click the APK file you just downloaded, you’ll be prompted to approve the installation procedure.
  • This software will be installed when you confirm your installation.
  • Go to the emulator’s homepage and look for the ThopTV icon there.
  • To access this streaming app, simply click this button.
  • That is all there is to it. You may now watch your favourite shows online.

Getting ThopTV on PC/Mac using BlueStacks

  • If you choose not to use BlueStacks, Nox App Player is an excellent option, since it is a totally secure and reliable emulator for installing Android apps on Windows PCs and Macs.
  • For this, you have to follow these steps and get ThopTV on your computer/laptop without any hassle.
  • To start, use the provided link to download Nox App Player to your computer.
  • Double-click this file to begin the emulator’s installation.
  • After it has been downloaded, go to the app store and download ThopTV APK by tapping on the provided link.
  • Open the emulator after it’s done.
  • Now, on the emulator, select the ‘Add an APK’ option, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The following step is to choose the ‘I understand’ option, which will allow you to instal the Android app on Nox App Player.
  • Once you’ve finished the ThopTV installation, go to the emulator’s main screen.
    To open the app, you must first click on its icon.

Then you can view and enjoy movies and TV episodes on your computer for free.

Want to Install ThopTV on FireStick?

Here are the steps to installing ThopTV on your FireStick. All you have to do now is carefully follow the instructions to ensure that your app is installed and ready to use on your device.

  • First and first, you must switch on your device.
  • Go to the area that says “Settings.”
  • Then choose the ‘My Fire TV’ option, followed by ‘Developer Options.’
  • The option ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ must then be enabled. It will allow third-party apps to be
    Installed on the FireStick.
  • Using the Play Store, download and instal the ‘ES File Manager’ app.
  • ThopTV APK may be downloaded and installed.
  • When it’s finished, a ThopTV icon will appear on the FireStick’s primary interface.
  • Simply click it to open your app, which will allow you to stream as much stuff as you like.
  • System Requirements for ThopTV

Have you checked whether your system is ready to instal ThopTV using any of the provided emulator steps?

Yes, your system must fulfil a few basic requirements in order for this software to instal smoothly on your PC.

Operating System – Windows 10, 8, 8.1 or 7
Hard Disk – more than 2GB of free space
CPU – Intel or AMD dual-core with NVIDIA GeForce

Moreover, you should be aware that if your PC meets these minimal system requirements, it will perform better in terms of speed, quality, and everything else.

Alternatives to ThopTV

ThopTV is, without a question, one of the live TV streaming applications that many of you use to meet virtually all of your streaming demands. However, there may come a moment when you wish to use something comparable or better, whether for greater performance or to watch channels that aren’t available on this app.

Here is the list of such apps or we can say alternatives to ThopTV.

  • Morphix TV
  • TeaTV
  • GoMax Live
  • Mobdro
  • LiveNet TV
  • RedBox TV


This guide will show you how to simply download and instal ThopTV on your Windows or Mac computer. Nothing compares to this amazing app when it came to video streaming, shows, and series in many languages on your PC.

So, instead of looking for alternative options to fulfil your streaming demands, you should get ThopTV right away. You will never be regretful for making this decision.

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