How to Grow Your eCommerce Store With 9 Effort & SEO Ways

eCommerce Store: Your ability to attract visitors to your e-commerce site is critical to its success. It doesn’t matter if you have the finest items if your brand doesn’t reach your target market. E-commerce SEO aims to raise your website’s visibility in Google’s search results.

Grow Your eCommerce Store With 9 Effort & SEO Ways

To increase traffic to your site and convert sales, you’ll need ecommerce SEO services. Here are some advantage of these benefits for your e-Commerce store

Enhance Website’s User Experience

In the digital world, the battle for clients is strong. You must provide your audience with the best possible experience so that they will stay on your site longer.

To do so, you must properly optimize your site. Your audience should be able to quickly browse through the internal connections and get the information they need. You may also use a chatbot to give support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Personalized suggestions based on their location and past buying keep clients satisfied to your brand.

Improve your Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions assist your customers in making an educated purchasing decision. It’s crucial to understand the product’s purpose and how it solves the customer’s problems. You must write the product description from the customer’s point of view.

Because Google discourages duplicate content, it’s critical to be original and unique in your product description. You must additionally highlight your product’s unique qualities. You may acquire e-commerce SEO services from a local eCommerce Store service provider if you need help improving your product descriptions.

Highlight Positive Reviews

Customers are more likely to believe recommendations from friends and family than advertising. You’ll be more likely to persuade people to buy if you highlight positive reviews. Customer reviews also help you rank higher in search engines since they use keywords and more words to describe your goods. To gain customers’ trust, you should also incorporate negative feedback and give a fair view of your items.

Rule your Territory

Google wants to give its users the best search results available. For SEO, having a strong understanding of the issue and being capable of communicating it well is essential. You have a competitive edge because of your subject-matter expertise.

To get others to cite your work, you need to control your region with your expertise. You gain your audience’s trust by including your contact information and interacting with them. All of these ecommerce SEO tips will help you improve your ecommerce SEO rankings.

Improve your Page Loading Speed

The speed in which your website loads is a critical component in sales conversions. If your site takes longer than four seconds to load, your visitors will leave it. You must increase the speed with which your page loads in order for your customers to stay longer.

Even if you have the finest content, if your website takes lengthy to load, it may not reach your target audience. Consider changing web hosting and conducting speed tests to improve the loading speed of your website. Consider acquiring e-commerce SEO services from a local ecommerce service provider if you want to improve your page’s loading speed.

Write to Please

Your business exists to serve your customers and provide the best possible experience. When marketers attempt to outsmart the algorithm, they frequently lose sight of the broader picture. Because major search engines like Google and Bing are continuously updating their algorithms to better serve their users, you should always keep your website content updated for SEO growth.

As a result, focusing on content that satisfies your consumers’ needs and speaks to their hearts becomes important. You should do additional research and offer quite so much clarity as feasible. Your site will rank higher in search engines if you focus on the joy of writing to delight your customers.

Optimize your Images

Visuals are attracting people. As a result, optimising your photos is required to effectively express your message to your target audience. You must optimise your pictures to give the best possible quality while keeping a modest file size that does not slow down your page’s loading time. Adding captions to your photographs, selecting the proper format, and testing images may all help you improve your search rankings.

Optimize your Video | eCommerce Store

Just of reading an article, your viewers will choose to watch a video. Reading necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. It’s essential to choose a thumbnail that matches and represents your content if you want your viewers to click on your video.

You should also add relevant metadata and tags to your videos. Including transcripts boosts your website’s traffic. Closed captions help businesses rank higher in search results and increase customer engagement.

Enhance Mobile User Experience

Smartphones are being used by more people to search for items. As a result, improving the mobile user experience is critical. A buyer’s decision is influenced by high-quality photos and videos, as well as a faster loading time. Payments will be smooth and convenient for your audience when you include payment channels like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

7 Crypto Facts No One Told You Before

Crypto: You’re about to invest in cryptocurrencies, or you’ve already started investing in crypto As we all know, the crypto market is very volatile, which means that crypto prices vary a lot from time to time.

As a cryptocurrency user, you should be informed about bitcoin news and events that occur on a regular basis around the world. To be successful in this domain, it is critical to grasp the current trends in the crypto world.

Facts That Are Very Common But Should Be Known By Cryptocurrency Users

You can get cryptocurrency news and updates from a variety of sources, but you cannot be certain that all of the information you consume is accurate, as the cryptocurrency market is rife with fake news.

Many sites will try to provide you with in-depth information as well as the most recent crypto news, but there is some basic information that is essential to your trading profile. Let’s look at ten crypto facts that you should be informed of and remember:

The Cryptocurrency Is not really the Initial Coin Offering

This term ICO, or initial coin offering, refers to the method of raising cash for cryptocurrency development. It is a simple and successful way to generate money for cryptocurrency projects, but it is not cryptocurrency in and of itself, as it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency once the ICO process is completed.

Free Cryptocurrency Is Illegal Cryptocurrency

Free cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that has been given away for free by its developers in order to attract more users, and it can be a very successful strategy, as many cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed after giving away their cryptocurrency or token for free to their community, which is recognised in the cryptocurrency space as a bounty system. However, it is still illegal to get these cryptos because a cryptocurrency is a type of asset which must be paid for before it can be held.

How Is Cryptocurrency’s Value Maintained?

Cryptocurrency has its own value, which is governed by the basic supply and demand principle. There are a finite amount of units that can be mined or issued with bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies are moving away from being centralised to becoming distributed. Scarcity, also known as deflatio, will result from a finite supply of cryptocurrency.

What Are The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Use?

Speed: Cryptocurrency grown in popularity as a result of its transaction speed. You may make a bitcoin transaction and have it sent to you and confirmed in minutes or seconds. You can send cryptocurrency to anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.

Free: Unlike pay future, cryptocurrency has no or minimal costs. You will not be charged for bitcoin transactions, and you will only be charged for the cost of power used.

Decentralized: Decentralized cryptocurrency means that the transaction is not handled by a third party, and this is how cryptocurrency is protected from other forms of cryptocurrency theft. Cryptocurrency data and information are kept on cryptocurrency network nodes, keeping cryptocurrency unchangeable.

What Is the State of Cryptocurrency Right Now?

Cryptocurrency transactions are highly popular in today’s world. Cryptocurrency has grown significantly in recent years, and the industry began to thrive in 2017. With increasing crypto transactions on major cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, OKEx, Bitfinex, and others, cryptocurrency prices peaked in December 2017 and January 2018.

As cryptocurrency grows around the world, more people are joining the cryptocurrency network. More countries and businesses are accepting bitcoin in their business/online store, with one out of every ten online stores now accepting cryptocurrency. Whenever it comes to cryptocurrency, no one can refute the fact that it has changed over time.

Today, cryptocurrency use has become more practical, and new user-friendly cryptocurrency wallets, such as TPR wallet, have made it easy to facilitate transactions. Crypto payment processors, according to a Gartner research, are clearly rising to the challenge, providing businesses with access to a trillion-dollar market cap and beyond.

Cryptocurrency may be new at this time, but it has a good future ahead of it. It has a big potential to grow in the market.

Bitcoin Is More Secure Than Your Bank Account Or Credit Card

Yes, Cryptocurrency is safe and secure than any other global banking system. It is 100 percent safe because to its technology; bitcoin employs cryptography, which means it is secure and decentralized. Crypto exchanges are a ticking bomb for cryptocurrencies, but they will soon be outdated since cryptocurrency can now be used in business owners to buy any goods or service you need.

Scams in Cryptocurrency

As the popularity of digital currencies has grown, there have been several high-profile frauds and scams. These attacks were multiple customers at digital currency exchanges. In other cases, criminals took use of weaknesses in wallets and other crypto industry components.

Hackers, thefts, and fraud are all possibilities to investors concerned about the safety of your digital assets. While the encryption and mining network of a blockchain network are resistant to attacks, single points of failure, such as the website of a cryptocurrency exchange or a single user, are vulnerable to malicious actors.

few things to keep in mind in order to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

Never give employees remote access to your workstation for help (or anybody else for that matter). The scammer will have total access over your computer, online bank accounts, and digital life as a result of this.

  • For 2-Factor Authentication, always give out your security codes or passwords. NEVER!
  • It is never a great idea to accept an outbound call requesting confidential personal information.
  • When making outbound calls, bear in mind that scammers can spoof real phone numbers.
  • Never transfer bitcoin to an external address claimed to be a support agent.
  • Never give away your passwords or security codes to a third party or anyone else.
  • Don’t Transfer bitcoin to giveaways under the guise of address verification.
  • Phishing or scamming attempts should be reported as soon as feasible.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency should be used as a kind of alternative currency or business, not as a way of becoming rich quick. There is no need to invest in cryptocurrency if it does not show its worth in the real world or if it has no purpose. To have a better understanding of cryptocurrency, conduct some study before buying in it so that there are less dangers.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram

Here we provide extensive instructions on how to build an Instagram account, how to increase interaction with your posts, and how to get sponsored by others by posting a branding sponsored post, photographs, or videos on your page.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram

Influencers with fewer than 10,000 followers, according to Buffer, will promote brands. It is not required to have thousands of followers to start making money; hundreds of free Instagram followers would suffice.

Below are fees per post that an influencer may take based on the number of his followers:

Each post will cost around $89 for micro-experts or profiles with fewer than 10,000 followers.
Influencers in the middle tiers, with 10,000 to 100,000 followers, will charge $200 each post.

Influencers with a million or more followers may charge as much as $670 each post.
Charge more than $1000 for a single post if you have millions of followers and want to print a brand sponsor.

If you want to learn how to make money on Instagram, keep reading.

The Best Techniques to Make Money on Instagram

Making money on Instagram is determined by your brand and the content you offer, not by the quantity of followers you have. To begin making money, you must also engage with your content by uploading movies and photographs and receiving a large number of likes.

Here are five things to remember while doing business on Instagram:

For sponsorship, consider teaming with a well-known brand and models.
Developing a distinct brand identity is an excellent approach to get started with your own company.
Make a name for yourself by posting your own images and videos and gaining a huge number of followers.
Decide whether or not to sell Instagram caption services.
Create a brand for the products of others.

How Do You Find Brands to Engage With Them

You’ll be able to obtain great bargains from a variety of businesses if you have hundreds of thousands of followers who regularly connect with your posts and videos. To get sponsorships on Instagram, you’ll need to do a few steps, such as.

  • Disseminate the identity of your company in a number of ways.
  • Use trending and branded hashtags to disseminate quickly.
  • Post information that is both intriguing and distinctive.
  • Make sure they understand how valuable and skilled you are.
  • Make remember to mention and tag the company when publishing a photo.
  • You’ll know you’re ready to take sponsorships and paid promotions when you reach this point.

Top Instagram Celebrities and Influencers Income

When you become popular and need to generate money, follow key influencer accounts and observe their behaviors, such as postings, communication with the audience, and the manner they upload images.

We’ll talk about famous people who have millions of followers and get paid more than $100 million every post. The option to create a brand is Instagram’s most prominent feature. The following is a list of Instagram influencers and celebrities:

Christian Ronald, who has a following of 224.9 million, costs almost $889,000 every post.
Ariana Grande is worth $1,229,869 and has 191.1 million Instagram followers.
Kylie Jenner’s actions are influenced by her 181.5 million followers and more than $ 986,000 every post.
Dwayne Johnson has 187,300,00 followers on Instagram and earns $1,015,000 for each post.

Make Money on Instagram

Kim Kardashian has 175.5 million followers and spends $ 858,000 every post.
Selena Gomez has a net worth of $ 848,000 and an Instagram following of 180.3 million people.
Beyoncé has a total of 148.700,000 Instagram followers and charges $770,000 each post.
Justin Bieber has 139.3 million Instagram followers and makes $747,000 every post.

Taylor Swift has 135 million followers and makes over $722,000 every post.
Neymar da Silva Santos Junie has 139,300,00 followers on Instagram and charges over $700,000.

Do you aspire to have the same number of followers as they do? This article will show you how to get 1,000 followers in 5 minutes.


To become an Instagram influencer, you’ll need a strategic strategy and a framework to assist you achieve your objectives. If you want to generate money with Instagram, you should get started as soon as possible.

Making Money Online – Is It for real

Many aspects of life have changed as a result of the internet, including how we work and earn money. Making money online has been a reality for some for over a decade.

Even so, in light of the recent involving the health crisis and lockdowns, making additional revenue through the internet has become a modern, common fact. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your earnings and are open to new things, here’s a brief list of internet-based options.

Making Money Online

On freelancing platforms, there are opportunities for any skill set

In the digital era, people with nearly any educational background can find opportunities. Whether it’s art, languages, information technology, money, education, or something else… You can locate a job that matches your prior experience and talents. You might think that IT, marketing, or web design are the most popular fields these days.

But, we can tell you that regardless of your specialty in civil engineering, tourism, or even medical, you will be able to locate a freelance job with a job description that matches your expectations.

The key is to select the appropriate platform for the job, register, and create a profile. Some companies deduct commissions from your earnings, while others do not. In any case, you determine your own charges and therefore become the boss of your company.

Trading online – a holy grail of making money online

Trading online has become a holy grail of making money online for folks with or without a financial experience. The difficulty is to choose the best brokerage firm, as this is a requirement for trading online. Check the broker review to ensure that the company is reputable and regulated.

Monetize Your Hobbies

Turn your pastime into a job, and you won’t have to work a day in your life, according to the saying. Simply said, transform your passions and interests into a money-making machine. It is not a requirement that you begin with the skillset that your regular nine-to-five work requires.

For example, you are skilled in sewing, knitting, and other handicrafts and enjoy doing them in your leisure time. Why not open an online store where you can sell your unique items?

If you enjoy capturing unique moments with your smartphone camera, be aware that selling the copyright to your best images on specialist platforms like Pictured might earn you a few dollars per month or more.

Turn your social media time into profit.

This might be of particular interest to those of you who scroll through Instagram or TikTok. Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, but you may make money from sponsored posts if you come up with an original and unique concept for your social media profile and start publishing specialized content like fashion, food, fitness, or whatever.

What is the process behind all this?

In a summary, you make a post with a branded hashtag, share it, and get paid.

Everything is on you.

Earning money online requires self-discipline, commitment, and initial efforts focused on developing skills, risk assessment, and, of course, picking the right niche. It’s usually best to start from what you already know.

However, stepping out of your comfort zone and dabbling in a new area such as online trading or the drop shipping industry can often lead to you quitting your day job and pursuing your dreams.

With your online money-making engine in place, you can even consider embarking on a digital nomad lifestyle, which is the ultimate ambition of many freelancers these days.

How to Make Money with Telegram

Do you know that Telegram can also be used to make money? If you are familiar with it, today’s article “How to Earn Money from Telegram App” will provide you with valuable information.

You may already be comfortable with how to make money from other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. At the same time, this new Messaging App can help you earn money.

What is telegram ?

If you’re not familiar with Telegram, it’s a messaging app. After that, you can read our Telegram-related post. At the same time, I’d like to inform you that the Telegram App is one of the most common applications available today.

Telegram App is a messaging app similar to WhatsApp. You will be able to see a range of features such as Groups, Channels, and Bots, Stickers etc.

By the way, there are numerous ways to monetize Telegram Channels; however, in today’s post, we will only discuss the most common and straightforward methods. Then, without any further ads, let’s get started and learn how to make money with Telegram by using some of these methods.

How to earn money from telegram

If you’re interested in learning how to make money with Telegram, keep on reading. Then, in this post, we’ll show you how to make a lot of money with your Telegram Channels using such techniques.

Even though these are well-known tools, you will not be able to gain money from your Channels if you do not know how to use them properly. Then let’s learn how to properly use these techniques in order to benefit from Telegram.

Selling Ads

This is a very popular option, particularly in countries where ads are sold or sold in Telegram Channels, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and India. Let’s take a look at what’s actually being sold.

To do cross-promotion of others channels too

Companies and brands Telegram

Ads are frequently sold p2p (channel admins make contact first and then come to some agreement), but there are also many automated ad exchanges where ads are sold.

A Subscription Fee You Can Charge

This is a very popular model for a paid subscription service, and it’s what Telegram uses. It is made up of two parts.

Public channel also those who have a large follower base

Only premium content is provided via a private channel (or a supergroup) (while it is available only for paid subscribers)

Only the public channel is promoted more in this type of model (through advertising, cross-promotions, content marketing, and other strategies), while the private channel produces benefit.

By Donations

If you’re a content creator who makes content for free, you can monetize it by selling advertisements, paid subscriptions, or donations.

In this model, you give your fans the option of leaving a tip after each publication or setting up a recurring donation.

Other channels, such as YouTube, blogs, websites, and WeChat, have made tipping more popular. Simultaneously, it is gradually gaining popularity in Telegram.

Selling Products and Services

We can offer more than just paid subscriptions via our Telegram Channel. You can basically sell whatever product or service you want. Let us look at some examples to better understand them:

A freelance designer operates a famous Telegram channel where she offers grid concept (and also monetizes that channel by selling her gigs).

Through its tutorials and courses, an Education Portal can also run an educational Telegram channel which can sell courses to its subscribers.

A toy company will create its own Telegram channel dedicated to blooming (videos, reviews, unboxings, etc.) and monetize it in the same way that it sells blooms and maintains a public page on social media. Marketers and brand owners have a wide range of options.

Sell ​​Third-Party Products and Services

It looks a lot like the previous one. In this situation, though, you’re selling third-party goods or services.
Some Telegram channels, for example, had sneaker sales.

Concurrently, they keep an eye on online sneaker shops (which can be automated) and, if the price of these sneakers drops dramatically, they post a video on their channel with an affiliate connection to that product.

Funds Raise

Here, I’d like to send a real-life example, in which he’s also a fellow of the country of Canada working on a fascinating experiment telegram.

He announced in his tech channel that he would be forming a pool of TON (Telegram Open Network) investors while also raising $ 1.5 million (which was actually the size of the applications and not the real money transfers). It took about 1.5 hours to complete.

Then he added that there was no such pool and that he was just trying to see if he could raise money this way.

This experiment was a resounding success! These intelligent individuals understood that technology and social experiences would accomplish a great deal.

Posting Paid

This is similar to selling ads, but in this case almost 100% of your posts are paid.

It could sound weird at first. Niche job boards are a good example. These job boards can be found in the form of Telegram channels, which allow you to post a job for a set fee.

Initially, these work boards repurpose material from other websites and distribute it through their platforms in order to expand their audience. They later receive offers from paid posts because they have a niche audience.

Link Short Services

If you’re going to publish a post with a connection, you can use Link Short to shorten the link and then publish it in your Telegram channel.

When a visitor clicks on that connection, he will be forced to scroll through advertisements near the original material, which will earn the publisher or channel owner a substantial sum of money.

Nowadays, WhatsApp status videos and photos, as well as movies, are very common. You can make a lot of money by going to a good website and shortening the link to that video and posting it on your channel.

Referencing in Recharge Apps

Many such apps exist, and if you refer anyone else, they will pay you a referral fee. It’s also known as Refer & Earn.

You can win Paytm and Free Recharge with this. Paytm can be transferred to your bank account, but you can still use them for free recharge.

If you pay attention to all of the monetization options we’ve listed, you’ll be able to make money with Telegram Channels in no time. You can make money from your Telegram networks when sitting at home if you use the right technique and have a little patience.

Can we earn money from telegram

Telegram does not pay for channel subscriptions. However, you can monetize your channels by using one of the popular Telegram monetization methods, such as advertisements, services and goods, paid subscriptions, and selling channels.

How to Use Bhim App In Online & Earn Money

Bhim App Do you want to know if you’ve made money from Bhim App as well? As a result, this article is important for you today. Because of the rapid advancement of technology.

In India, it has ushered in a revolution. And it is thanks to technology that it is becoming increasingly digital. When online platforms expand into new areas.

Made Money from Bhim App

It has made working easier as a result of this, and it has saved a lot of time. Today, several websites and apps have been developed that offer online services where you can purchase things like movie tickets, hotel reservations, and money transfers, among other things. In today’s post, we’ll discuss one such service that handles online transactions.

As you might be aware, there are numerous applications and websites available for online money transfers. This website and app make it simple for you to do your job. Today, we’ll tell you about a similar app called Bhim App. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Bhim App and how to make money with it in this post.

What Is BHIM App

BHIM is a UPI-based payment app (Unified Payment Interface). Bharat Interface For Money is its full name. This is a government-run app that was unveiled by Shri Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister.

On the occasion of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary on April 14, this app was published. People were able to perform online transactions by downloading the app to their smartphone. This software is simple to use for any merchant or vegetable seller.

Download BHIM App any App Store

To do so, first download the BHIM App from any App Store, then enter your bank account details using your mobile number. After you’ve added your bank accounts, you’ll be able to do any form of online transaction you want, including money transfers, mobile recharges, online ticket bookings, and room bookings.

You get a VPA after signing up for the BHIM App (Virtual Payment Address). This VPA can be created using either your phone number or your email address. If you want to accept payment from someone else, you won’t have to offer your bank account details.

Only your VPA allows the person to pay you. Instead, if you want to pay someone else, you can use that person’s VPA or Bank Details to send money (Account Number, IFSC code).

This app was created with the aim of allowing people to easily transfer money without requiring any technological expertise.

How to send money from Bhima App?

Step 1: To send money from of the BHIM App, you first must sign up. To sign up for the Bhima app, follow the steps outlined below.

  • First of all, download BHIM App from any Play Store
  • install it this is app in your mobile and open it.
  • After that choose a language and click on the Next button.
  • Following that, choose the sim card in your phone whose number is linked to your bank account.
  • The app will send you an SMS to verify your identity, which will allow you to use the BHIM App.
  •  After the verification, the BHIM app will ask for a four-digit PIN, which you can enter here. You will be posed this question when you log into this PIN App.

Step 2: Set BHIM UPI PIN

After signing up, you need to enter details related to your bank. After this you need to create a PIN. You will be asked to do this PIN while doing the transaction. For this follow the steps given below.

1. Select Add Bank Account from the drop-down menu. There will be a list of banks there. Choose one of them to be your bank. After that, this app will request information from your bank regarding your account.

Any accounts in that bank that are linked to your mobile number will be shown in front of you. Select an account from the list.

2. Now you will be asked to enter the last 6 Digit of your Debit Card and the expiry date of the debit card.

3. Asked for a UPI PIN. You Enter a UPI PIN. During the transaction, the same PIN will be requested.

Please do not give out your UPI-PIN to someone else. Your UPI-PIN is not processed by BHIM in any way. Customer service would never request this.

Step 3: Send money using BHIM App

  1. The app has three choices on the home screen. Scan, Send Money, and Request Money To send money, click the SEND icon.
  2.  Enter the person’s phone number or Virtual Payment Address (VPA) to whom you’d like to send money. (To transfer money directly to a bank account using the IFSC code, click the three dot menu in the top right corner.)
  3. Enter Amount and finally, enter the UPI PIN. You will be able to pay successfully.

How to earn money from Bhima App?

Bhim is a type of money transaction app, as I currently said. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has introduced a cashback scheme for customers and merchants who use the Bharat Interface For Money (BHIM) App to make digital transactions more appealing.

Customers will receive a cashback of up to Rs 750 per month under the new plans, while merchants will receive a cashback of up to Rs 1000 per month. So, let’s look at some of the different ways to make money with the BHIM App.

1. Get a 51 welcome gift on your first transaction with the BHIM App.

Since the cashback programm is available to both new and existing users, BHIM App customers will receive a Welcome Gift of Rs 51 when they complete their first transaction.

The user must first connect his bank account and complete the first transaction in order to do so. You can also get cashback by sending a minimum of 1 to get the cashback number.

2. Bhim App Referral Program Earn Money

The Prime Minister said that if you will win cash back using the app, you will receive ten dollars and to whom you refer, you will receive twenty-five dollars for each transaction, with a maximum of fifty dollars for three transactions. To refer Bhim App to a mate, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Open Your BHIM App.

2. Click Here Homepage Three Dot Menu icon

3. Refer a friend

4. Invite A New Friend & family

5. After that you will be able to share your referral link in social Media.

6. There is no link to download the Bhim app; however, you can install it; it contains 10 files and 20 files to install, totaling 200 files.

3. Get cashback up to 500 rupees from BHIM App.

Up to Rs 500 in cashback Every Unique Transaction made via VPA / UPI ID, account number, or mobile number will results in a Rs 25 cashback from the BHIM app. The transaction price should be at least 100 rupees. Users can earn up to Rs 500 in cashback per month.

In addition to the cashback per transaction, users can receive a cashback based on the number of transactions they make every month. Users of the BHIM App that make 25 or more transactions per month but less than 50 will receive a cashback of 100 rupees.

A cashback of Rs 200 will be provided for transactions worth more than Rs 50 but less than Rs 100. Those who make more than 100 purchases a month will earn a Rs 25 cashback.

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