Digital Transformation

Advantages of Digital Transformation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the digital transformation? If it’s only a buzzword, that’s understandable. But if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, here are some reasons why a successful digital transformation with the help of Fibre and Voice ICT Pty Ltd can be crucial for your business.


Improving the customer experience.

The customer journey is what you do to ensure your customers have a great experience every time they interact with your business. It’s not just about having nice things for them to look at and listen to when they visit your site or app. It’s about ensuring that you give them the best possible experience from start to finish.

If improving customer experience is your ultimate goal, then improving how you communicate with customers across all channels is critical. That can range from emails informing them about their order status to sending push-notifications when there’s a new offer in store. All of this can be seamlessly automated to improve retention and keep the customers engaged with the brand.

Creating new business opportunities.

Digital transformation is a way to create new business opportunities. For example:

  • Digital transformation allowed Uber to create a platform where drivers and passengers could connect with each other online instead of having to find each other on the street or at airports. This made it easier for people to hail rides and drivers who had cars and wanted some extra income to offer their services. It also made it possible for anyone with a smartphone to start driving for Uber, even without owning a car.
  • Salesforce’s transition from a CRM software provider into an integrated cloud platform enables businesses to sell products like custom apps, services like customer support chatbots, training courses (like Trailhead), etc., and predictive analytics tools like Einstein Analytics.

Reducing costs.

Digital transformation is often viewed as an expensive process, but the truth is that it can actually save you money. Suppose the cost of digital transformation has been estimated at $1 million per year. But this doesn’t include long-term, intangible benefits such as improved customer experience or employee productivity gains. Implementing a digital strategy can help reduce costs in many areas:

  • Reduced inventory costs: Physical stock takes up space and requires maintenance, while digital files are easy to move around. This means a lower opportunity cost for storing items in your warehouse or an on-site storage area.
  • Reduced logistics costs: If you’re able to deliver products faster and more efficiently via e-commerce channels than traditional distribution channels and predict demand better than before, you’ll spend less on shipping (which means fewer trucks on the road). There’s also less risk involved overall because there won’t be any unexpected demand surge during peak holiday seasons when everyone wants something at once.

Enhancing employee productivity.

Improved internal communication leads to better employee engagement, which is directly reflected in the quality of work they produce. As the employees align better with the organisational vision, their loyalty and retention also improve. Happy employees translate to a better work culture that instils greater satisfaction, especially in modern times.

A digital transformation partner is critical to your efforts.

Knowing where you are heading is vital to understanding what services to seek for the transition. Fibre and Voice ICT Pty Ltd is a large telecommunications company that helps hundreds of thousands of customers across Australia by improving their internal processes and working more efficiently with other business units. To achieve this goal, they integrate all intelligence systems into a single platform so that all customer interactions can be easily managed from one place.

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