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Download Shutterstock Images for free without watermark 2021

Shutterstock is a stock picture and video library with extremely high resolution. Every photographer in the world saves their most significant photos here.

Without a watermark, you can download Shutterstock images for free. twenty-first-century Companies interested in these photographs must pay the Shutterstock described price and obtain photos with a watermark. However, you can also download these Shutterstock images without the watermark.


Download Shutterstock images for free 2020

There are several places where you can get these photos for free and, as an extra benefit, the watermark will be removed from the picture.

Shutterstock has the best images for any subject, including nature, medicine, electronics, or space. In general, Shutterstock photos can be downloaded by paying the price specified on the Shutterstock website.

But if you pay for Shutterstock photos, you will receive them with a watermark. Here’s how to get files from a place called “Downloader.La.” To get the Shutterstock photos for free, you just need to follow a few easy steps.

Download Images Without Watermark

Open the Shutterstock website and pick a picture to download for free and without a watermark. Now copy the URL of the image you want to use. Open the Downloader.La images site and paste the copied URL into the Generate a new link box.

After a quick time, the result is shown, and the Shutterstock image can be easily downloaded for free and without a watermark.

Download Shutterstock images without watermark

To own any photographs or videos from online sites without watermarks, one must pay a high price. Particularly from websites like Shutterstock, which sell professional images.

However, there is a useful alternative that allows you to download some Shutterstock images without the watermark and for free. is the name of the website. Here are the steps for uploading Shutterstock images for free and without a watermark.

Step: 1
Open the Shutterstock site and select an image or video that you want to download.

Step: 2
After selecting the image copy the URL from this image from Shutterstock site.

Step: 3
Visit now and paste the copied URL from Shutterstock here in an option called text box.

Step: 4
As the last step click on ‘FindPhoto’, if the image is in the available list you can download it.

1 ) Unspash

Downloading images from rich sources like Shutterstock is valuable for improving your content, but it’s expensive and the images come with watermarks.

Another platform, Unspash, allows you to download Shutterstock images for free and without watermarks. This is the best place to go to get high-resolution photographs and videos from Shutterstock.

2) Stocksnap

Another website where you can download Shutterstock images for free and without watermarks is Stocksnap. This is a fully free website that does not require registration. The pictures on this site are all classified under the CCO licence.

Within a few easy measures, you can download and save any number of photos for free. It will never ask for permission from your computer and will not need you to change any security settings.

3) is a simple alternative to Shutterstock that allows you to download images for free and without a watermark. This site has a CCO licence, which means you can use the images for personal or commercial reasons. You can easily download the photos or videos here in 3-4 easy steps.

4) Pixabay

Pixabay is a useful website that also has an Android version available in the Google Play Store. This enables you to import any Shutterstock image or video for free and without a watermark. You can use your favorite browser to search for the site, or you can download it to your computer for easy access.

As an added bonus, this is a publically open platform that also comes with a CCO license. Using the web or application, users can quickly locate and sort the photos they need.


1. What is a Shutterstock site?

Shutterstock site is a collection of high-quality images and videos which are saved by professional Photographers and designers across the world. Anyone can buy pictures from Shutterstock, every image from Shutterstock comes up with a watermark on them that cannot be removed.

2. How to download Shutterstock images for free and without a watermark?

There are some sites that allow you to download Shutterstock images for free and without watermarks on them. Some of them are Downloader.La, Pixabay,, Unspash etc.

3. Why Shutterstock images?

Shutterstock images are rich in quality, unique, and with high resolution when compared to all other sites. Search options made it easy to find required images from Shutterstock.

4. Is Shutterstock free for downloading?

Shutterstock’s site never allows you to download its images for free. Because Shutterstock is a platform for all professional photographers and designers to exhibit their talent and sell for appropriate prices.

But occasionally for promotions, Shutterstock gives some 5-10 medium quality images for free if you use provided promo codes.


There are some of the other options for having free Shutterstock photos without the watermark. You can save time and money by downloading Shutterstock images from


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