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How to Download Universal TV Remote app Android or IOS

Changing channels in today’s time without Universal TV Remote is also very difficult. In such a situation, what if the remote of your TV gets damaged due to some reason? Maybe buy a new TV remote?


How to Download Universal TV Remote app Android or IOS

This may be true too but today we are going to give information about Universal TV Remote that has to work with all brands like Sony, Samsung, UTV and you can also control it from mobile by downloading Universal TV Remote.

No money is required to download Universal TV Remote App. It is available for free for Android Phones, which anyone can download and control their TV. Such as changing the TV channel, controlling the volume, and other things that the normal remote can do.

Here you will get information about TV Remote Download and use along with its features, so any user who uses any brands present in India. This post is going to be very valuable for them, so read it carefully and share it.

What is Universal TV Remote

As its name is Universal TV remote which means it works for all the brands of TV in India like Samsung, UTV, Sony, MI, OnePlus, VU, and all others. It is used on mobile and can then be controlled by connecting it to the TV via WIFI.

The most important thing about Universal TV Remote is that it is a copy of the original remote and the features that are available in the original TV remote. Such as channel changing, Google Assistant voice control, volume control, menu, WIFI connectivity, and other features, everything is available in this.

So in such a situation, if it ever happens that you are watching a cricket match or watching an important movie or TV show. In such a situation, suddenly the TV remote stops working, then at that time you can control the TV without the remote using the mobile. In such a situation, after downloading an app on the mobile, all the remote features will be on the mobile.

Universal TV Remote Features:

  • Voice Search is available so that you can change the TV channel or start any other function by speaking on the phone.
  • Many people think that the TV cannot be turned off from the mobile. But this feature will also be available by downloading TV Remote App.
  • The feature of volume control is available.
  • Smart Sharing is available, which allows the TV to be shared in different modes with Universal TV Remote.
  • With this, all other functions buttons are available, how to open channel button, shortcut to open YouTube and other video streaming apps
  • More than 75 million people download and use Universal TV Remote App.

Download Universal TV Remote App

To play TV from mobile, it is necessary to download a correct TV Remote App. Because as everyone would have the idea that if a mobile app is becoming popular in India.

So many fakes are made and people are never able to reach the right app around it. In such a situation, the process has been described here to download the Universal TV Remote which will work for every TV.

Follow it carefully and download Universal TV App as described here and start using it after installing it on mobile. So first let’s see some highlights about it.

App Name Universal TV Remote Control
Version 1.1.24
Total Download 100,000,000+
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Download size 9 MB

Let’s know how to download TV Remote App.

Step 1. First of all, go to Google Play Store.

Step 2. Search Universal TV Remote Control in Play Store.

Step 3. The first app that will be found in the search here, has more than 100 million downloads.

Step 4. Click on the Install button given here.

Step 5. Now it has been downloaded and installed in the phone, you can start using it.

In this way, you can start using it by downloading it for free from Google Play Store. In such a situation, if a user is having problems in searching or they want some way that works easily, then for this, by clicking on the link, you can download it directly.

Benefits Of Universal TV Remote

Now it is important to know the answer to the question that what kind of benefits are there. Can it replace the original TV remote? What features are available in this which are not found on any other mobile app which is made for TV.

  • The biggest benefit is that it works for any brand of TV like Samsung, UTV, VU, Sony Projectors, and all other brands in India. This application will work for everyone.
  • If ever the TV remote of the house gets damaged or its battery has run out. In such a situation, you can run the TV from a mobile if you know this method.
  • It cannot replace the original remote. Yes, if everyone in the house downloads Universal TV App in mobile, then the remote may not be needed. Because only the phone that will not be in it will get to use it and it is necessary to have it in everyone’s phone.
  • Many times it happens that the remote does not work from far away and if we have to increase or decrease the volume, why to change the channel, then for this, we have to come to the TV. Whereas if it is done by using the app on mobile, then once connected, you can control it from anywhere in the house.
  • The biggest thing is that it is absolutely free, although its paid version also comes. But if the user wants, he can also use it for free. There is no need to buy the logo.

Hope you have not faced any problems in downloading TV Remote and this is an amazing TV remote application. Which is available for free for Android users. Using this, any user can use it without having the original remote. Since it works with TVs of every brand, then all the work will be done with one app.

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