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Sharechat has released the new jeet11 fantasy cricket app. As this is a new app, you have a good chance of making money with this new jeet11 fantasy cricket app. We are all aware of how hard it is to win in Fantasy Prediction. But, as I’ve observed over the previous several years, we can easily win in a newly launched app.

This Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App features the same UI as other popular fantasy applications such as Real11, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11, and GameZy. Before the game starts, you only need to select a squad from the game lineups. If you rank high, you have a chance to earn a lot of money; otherwise, you will lose.


jeet11 Fantasy Cricket app

Not just Cricket, but Jeet11 has recently included Football and other games such as Quiz. The biggest advantage of cricket app is that you may use their platform without installing their app if you want to. By inviting a new friend to the Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App, you may earn Rs 100 in a deposit wallet and a Rs 100 cash bonus.

Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App has a number of features that are similar to those found in other fantasy cricket apps such as Real11, My11Circle, and many others. And the Jeet11 App has some unique and interesting features that appeal to me greatly. As a result, I decided to create a post on Jeet11, a new fantasy cricket application.

What is jeet11 Fantasy Cricket game?, a new fantasy cricket app from Sharechat, was just released. This is a brand-new software that allows you to profit from the new Jeet11 cricket fantasy app. We all know how hard it is to make a fantasy forecast. But, as I’ve seen over the last several years, we can just win in a freshly released app.

Not just Cricket, and also Football and a range of other games, such as Quiz, have recently been introduced to Jeet11. The biggest benefit of Jett11 is that you may use their platform without installing your application if you want to.

From the Jeet 11 new Fantasy Cricket App, you may get Rs 100 on your deposit wallet and Rs 100 on your new friend. The Jeet11 new Fantasy Real11, My11Circle, and other new fantasy cricket apps are available through Cricket App. And the Jeet11 Cricket App has some exciting features specific and distinct.

How to register or log Jeet11 app/website?

With an easy to use interface, Jeet11 allows users to quickly register or log in. You must first register as a verified user on Jeet 11 before you can begin playing. The following are the steps to register for Jeet 11:

  • Go to Jeet 11’s login page and type your phone number in. After you’ve provided your phone number, you’ll be prompted to input your name.
  • You can select to submit your referral code on the Jeet11 login screen. If someone suggested the app to you, you may earn rewards using their referral code.
  • To continue, you must agree to the conditions of use offered by once all details have been filled in.
  • You will receive an OTP from Jeet11, which you must input on the login screen. When you’ve entered your OTP, click ‘Submit OTP.’
  • You may start playing fantasy sports after finishing the Jeet11 signup process. You do not need to establish a password once you have finished the Jeet11 login process. By entering the OTP received, you may quickly sign in to Jeet11. Every time you try to log in, will email you an OTP.

Is Jeet11 App legal & Safe?

During in the registration process, the asks users to verify whether or not they belong to the fantasy limitation states. The reason behind this is that the government has banned fantasy sports apps in several states, including Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Users may also remove their profile, gaming account, and block any commercial messages on the app at any time. The gaming platform has a one-of-a-kind password and login details that only the user has access to.

I’m sure you’re all wondering whether or not it’s safe to link your gaming app to your bank account. Surely, the answer is certain. Jeet11 adheres by all of the Supreme Court of India’s rules and regulations. It also differs from a gambling event in that the game incorporates skill, ability, and the game itself.


How to Start playing on Jeet11?

Once you have successfully enrolled on the Jeet11 gaming site, you will all play your first match.

1) You may select a match from the following list by selecting on any game, spanning from cricket to football.

2) If you enter a contest, you may be available to compete a free match based on the amount of money you have in your wallet.

3) Based on the amount of players allowed in this game, choose submit your team’s players.

4) Make certain that you build a powerful team after a thorough examination of the restrictions and the use of a few credit points.

5) After you’ve chosen your squad’s players, you must choose a Chief and Vice-Captain from your selected player list.

6) All of the points your team wins are instantly converted to real money and put to your Jeet11 wallet. Users may easily withdraw money earned by linking their bank account to the app.

7) All players may increase or remove a limit of Rs. 10,000 /- without showing an official document. If the amount is higher than Rs. 10,000/-, you must provide a copy of the KYC along with the PAN card and bank account information.

How to make Fantasy Cricket Team on Jeet11?

  • From the Dashboard, choose from the future matches or tournaments.
  • Select any game from the active tournaments that you want to play in.
  •  On the next phase, you’ll be able to see the whole list of players.
  • Create your team under the 100-credit cap per team.
  • Each player will be charged in the form of credits, which will be listed next to the player’s name.
  • From your Fantasy Team, choose one captain and one vice captain.
  • The Captain will receive 2X the points he scored in the real game.
  • The Vice Captain will receive 1.5X the points he scored in the real game.
  • Last but not last, submit your team.
  • Keep records of your role in the league based on your points. Good luck with your earnings!!

What is DIFFERENT JEET11 and DREAM11 ?

Dream11 is a leading fantasy sports company that was launched in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth. It currently has over 100 million users and is the first gaming app to be accepted to the Unicorn Club. Jeet11, on the other hand, is a rapidly growing fantasy sports app that was launched in 2015 and now has 120K registered users.

Users may now play only a few games on the JEET11 platform, such as cricket and football. On the other hand, the Dream11 app offers users to play a number of sports like hockey, volleyball, handball, baseball, Kabaddi, basketball, cricket, and football.

Jeet11 varies from Dream11 in that it is required to provide PAN verification and pay certain fees in order to participate in any tournament. Users of the JEET11 App, on the other hand, may play with their credit points and no KYC verification is required. a fantasy sports app, is expected to be a strong competitor for Dream11 in the coming years.

Conclusion :

The Jeet11 Founders, Their Origin, What is Jeet11, How to Play Jeet11, and How to Download Jeet 11 are all listed here. I hope you enjoyed reading our article. Keep leaving comments on our articles so that we may continue to improve our content.

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