Know which eyeglasses suit you

Buying eyeglasses for men has to be complicated. After all, you’re not going to the grocery store down the street and buying a ready-made meal. It’s more like shopping for headphones with just the right amount of bass for the music you like.

Men’s glasses frames must meet your fashion sense and your needs. Your lenses need to fit your lifestyle and job. And your glasses should help you see better and keep your eyes healthy.


Do Eyeglasses Improve Eyesight

However, the benefits of glasses are temporary and only exist when the wearer is wearing the spectacles. Treating the underlying cause of your eye problems is necessary if you want your eyesight to improve without corrective lenses. Your glasses can only improve your vision to the extent your prescription allows. Removing them usually restores normal eyesight. Your eyeglasses may be able to improve your vision to 20/20 or even higher. Without corrective lenses, having a vision of 20/70 to 20/160 may indicate poor vision. If this is the case, correcting your eyesight may require using corrective glasses or other measures. Presbyopia is a condition that can worsen with age and lead to impaired vision. Regular, in-depth eye examinations are crucial for catching problems early and receiving treatment. 

Getting glasses that fit your lifestyle

The first thing to consider when buying men’s glasses is how you live. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do you have an active lifestyle that requires light and strong frames to protect your eyes during sports, outdoor activities, and hobbies like woodworking or carpentry?
  • Do you need safety-rated glasses for your job or other activities?
  • Should you buy a particular pair of glasses to look at your computer or digital screens?
  • Should you block out the blue light?

Getting glasses that fit your face shape

Let’s look at how the shape of a man’s face affects his choice of glasses.

Heart-shaped faces need special glasses.

How is it that a face can look like a heart? This is how it goes: Your broad forehead, high cheekbones, and thin chin are the most noticeable parts of your face. 

A heart-shaped face will look good in a pair of men’s glasses with similar angles, especially ones that get wider at the top. These give the face a little bit of shape.

Men’s oval or round glasses look good on heart-shaped faces because they help create contrast and balance. Bright colours and wide frames might not be the best choice for you, while thin frames give a softer look.

Eyewear for oval faces

Also, almost any style of men’s glasses look good on an oval face. What does “oval” mean? So, look for a narrow chin, forehead, and cheeks that stand out. Your face is almost twice as long as it is wide.

An oval face can work with most styles, from round glasses to glasses with sharp angles to a more daring look. Just make sure that the frames are neither too big nor too small. And try to avoid narrow frames, which make a face look longer. An oval face looks good with a soft, symmetrical frame, rigid structure, and a round bottom.

Glasses for square faces

A square face has a forehead, cheeks, and chin that are all the same size. Your jaw probably stands out a bit, and your face may have a unique or angular shape. Men’s oval or round glasses look great on a square face because these shapes soften sharp angles.

Aviator glasses for men usually look best on square or angular faces because the frames are round. On the other hand, square frames bring out a face’s angles, giving it a more rugged look, which is fine if that’s what you want.

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