Online Video Maker Tools You Must Try 2023

he simplicity of online video maker applications is well-known. If you’ve used this online app before, you know how easy it is to use. Promo provides a variety of resources for editing and promoting your videos.

Take a look at what they have to say and develop your editing skills. With an online video creator app, you can bring your videos to life.

The tools and functionality differ from programmer to programmer, just like any other app. Although there are others parallels, some stand out due to their differences. Promo, for example, has a number of features that are close to those used in conventional editing applications.

Let’s see what resources we have at our disposal to create our own promotional video.

Here are some of the tools that you have to try out for yourself


Video Editing Timeline


Promo, like every other standard editor, has a video timeline. It’s a place where you can leave videos and cut them up. This is also a perfect way to keep track of all of your project’s footage. To pass videos, simply drag and drop them into specific spots on the timeline.

This interface allows the user to arrange the videos in a chronological order. You can quickly see which clip is playing when viewing the preview thanks to the chronological order. As a consequence, you’re less likely to make mistakes when it comes to video editing.

Audio Timeline


Similarly, this online video creator has a separate audio timeline. You can either upload audio from your laptop or use one that promo provides. In any case, it works similar to the video timeline. You simply drag and drop it onto the timeline, then trim it as required.

Sound waves appear on the timeline, which is often set out in a linear fashion. This allows you to see which part of the audio is playing and how the sound reacts to the song. This audio timeline makes it easier to pinpoint the exact position you want based on the sound.

Text Editor


A text editor is another method available to conventional editors. The fonts, however, are the best part of this online video creator text editor. The fonts are one-of-a-kind and go well with promotional videos. It has a commercial feel to it, as if it was produced by a marketing expert.

This form of text also looks great on vlogs because it’s lighthearted and simple to read. If you’re a content designer, take a look at the different fonts available because there are many to choose from. To make it look professional, make sure the text matches the music and video.

Template Options

You can still use models if you don’t want to start from scratch and shoot the music and video yourself. These models help you plan out a new project around a particular theme. Let’s say you want to make a promotional video for your business. All you have to do now is decide what kind of company you want to run.

If you type in the word “restaurant,” it will bring up all of the related results and even continue putting clips to the timeline. Don’t worry if you don’t like the clips that have been added; you can change them.

The models are only there to assist you; you retain complete power. Use this if you’re on a tight schedule because it’ll save you time.

Stock Photo Gallery

This online video creator also has millions of stock images to choose from. There’s no need to ask the previous owner for permission because they’ve already given it to you. That means you’ll have more time to concentrate on your job instead of thinking about copyright.

Furthermore, these stock images were taken by professionals, ensuring that they can add a professional touch to your video.

It also has video clips and audio in its library. It also functions in the same way; you can use the videos and music to make a promotional video for your project. Simply type in a keyword and the nearest matches will be shown. There are several different genres to choose from when it comes to music.

Image Resizer

When it comes to useful resources, an image resizer may not be at the top of anyone’s list. However, it is a useful tool to have on hand when the need arises. Promo’s picture resizer is both free and easy to use online video maker. Simply upload the image to be resized, change the dimensions as needed, and then click resize.

The best part is that even after being resized, the consistency remains unchanged. This is because it is simply scaling the image rather than shrinking it. The picture will maintain a lot of its original quality this way. When a picture won’t fit in your video, remember to use this method instead of resizing it automatically.

Photo to Video Option


This tool lets you collect images and transform them into visually appealing videos. You can also select from a variety of effects to help bring the video to life. Since you’re just using photos, these effects are crucial; otherwise, it’ll just look like a montage. You can also add music to your new video to make things interesting.

Cropping Tool

Cropping is one of the most commonly used techniques, just like every other editor. This enables you to cut to particular sections of the video or audio. You can carefully calculate where you want to make the cut with the aid of the timeline.

Second, double-check that you’re cutting in the correct direction by looking at the preview screen. Online Video Maker

You may also crop individual images or the entire video. Alternatively, if you use models, the video can be cropped for you so it fits on social media. Vertical videos are used in Facebook stories to make them suit better on cell phones.

Parting Words On Online Video Maker

This gives videos a whole new visual appeal, and Promo has the tools to edit them that way. So go out and be inventive. Make the best video you can with the resources you have at your disposal.

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