Summer Fun with Pool Slides

Summers are incomplete without jumping into the pool, splashing water for hours, or floating in the pool in the evening.

This fun doubles when you add pool slides to get your summer adventures to the next level. Get to know more about it here!


Types of Pool Slides

Before you make a purchase, you must know the different types of pool slides available in the market. The types of slides can help you make the best choice.

There are three different types of slides.

  • Straight Leg Slide

The straight leg slide is straight near the top, with a broad curve at the end when one lands in the pool. It has an open or closed stairway depending upon the user’s preference.

The height of the slide may vary. Generally, these slides are 8 to 12 feet tall. They are ideal for smaller pools as the slide makes the pool spacious.

  • Moulded Side Leg

The design of the moulded sliding leg is typically steeper and curvier. The journey down the slide is more enjoyable since the ends of most moulded slide legs curve to the right or left. In order to prevent young children from climbing unattended, the moulded slide leg has a closed stairway.

These slides are typically 8 feet tall, but owners have the opportunity to select the height.

  • Elephant Leg Slide

The elephant leg slide is a distinctly unique sort of slide well-known for its distinctive form. There are two main categories of elephant leg slides- the stream design and the G-force pattern type.

The G-Force pattern is roughly nine feet tall and has a curving design that resembles a pasta noodle or a DNA strand in the shape of a helix. On the other hand, stream type one has a shape similar to a moulded slide leg, but the drop is steeper at the start than at the end of the ride. The stream design is enormous, standing at a height of 14 feet.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Pool Slide

For maximum fun, you need to consider a few factors before you install a pool slide.

  • Consider the size of the pool and the deck space. While adding a slide to an existing pool is difficult, the wrong slide type will also be difficult for a new pool. Also, there should be enough space around the pool to consider safety regulations.
  • Position the slide appropriately. The positioning of the slide determines the view you are getting, the amount of space around the slide, and if you can keep an eye on your kids at the pool.
  • Water supply is an essential factor while installing a slide. You can either connect the slide with the pool water or create a sideline for the slide. If your pool area is large, you can install the waterline separately.


You can install in-pool furniture to enjoy the ultimate experience of pool slides in your backyard. With classy pool furniture, you can turn your backyard pool into the ultimate relaxing corner.

If you want more tips to enhance the pool area, check out more on making the backyard pool exciting for kids.

It’s time to add some adventure to your backyard today! Shop for the best quality range of pool slides to ensure the utmost safety for your children.

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