Why is Video Content Creation Now Better than Blogging in 2021

Anything that evokes and activates our senses is more appealing to our brain. Blogging and written content will have no effect on the sense of hearing; however, video content will activate not only the sense of vision but also the sense of hearing.

As a result, it is fair to assume that video content engages audiences even more than plain written text.


Video Content Creation Now Better than Blogging in 2021

Not only that, but several leading organizations, such as Cisco, believe that the next few years will be crucial in terms of video content production and business.

A content creator may wonder why video content is now better than simple blogging for a variety of reasons. We’ve gone through a few explanations why one should start thinking about acquiring skills that will help him advance in the world of digital content in this post.


1. Videos are Perfect for Social Media

Video content is best illustrated. Videos are simple to share and interact with. People’s walls appear to have more self-explanatory material. In addition, social media sites now have a boost functionality for videos. It’s particularly effective for social media ads and public awareness campaigns. On social media, people prefer to watch videos rather than interact with pictures or text.

2. It Can be Memorized

The video material is more engaging and easy to remember. People remember incidents that they witnessed better than those that they just heard about. Furthermore, videos transmit additional cues such as speech intonation, feelings, gestures, and actor body language.

As a result of all of these variables, the content is more engaging than the text. This method of memorization improves brand memory, which is beneficial to a business owner.

3. Videos Will Drive More Traffic

A video is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website. A single video may replace many web pages in illustrating various aspects of a niche. A video has also been shown to increase the traffic to a website by up to 150 percent.


4. Videos are Better to Rank Higher

As far as the ranking is concerned, so search engines like google are considering videos equally important to the text. Moreover, unlike the text, video links shared on a large scale is better for inbound linking. The higher the number of inbound links, the stronger the website will become.

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