Windows 11

Windows 11 – First Look and Walkthrough Using VirtualBox

Windows 11: In this post, we’ll look at a different framework that hasn’t been released yet. Furthermore, that is a replica, which I discovered on the most profoundly hazy parts of the Windows 11 web. Currently, this isn’t for, say, a highly customised version of Windows 10 or anything.


Windows 11 – First Look

This is a genuine leaked copy of Windows 11, version 20 1996, and in this post, we’ll give it a little instal and virtualbox treatment because why not?

Also, I’m implying that it will just take time till the image is removed off the internet. So, you know, just give people a good look at all there is to see. So let’s get started. So here I am with a copy of a virtual box that I downloaded about 15 minutes ago. I don’t do virtualization on a regular basis any longer.

I was going to make an article on copying it to a thumb drive and really doing it on physical hardware, but I feel speed is of the importance in this situation. So there’s the iso, which is rather fascinating. Actually, the iso, since if it’s mounted, it has the same disc label as a copy of Windows 10.

So I was doubtful at first, if it was really possible. Is that the label for Windows 10? It’s one eleven, but as soon as we start it, we’ll realise it’s not Windows 10. We’re taking a look.

Installation of Windows 11

This is the new Windows 11 boot logo, which shouldn’t take long because it’s booting from a nvme drive. To me, it’s simply breathtaking. The previous installer was maintained. Look, it’s a little tedious. It’s a missile that’s still in use today. During the installation of Windows 11, you may get the message “This computer cannot run Windows 11.”

But take a look at that logo. I suppose they’re going completely flat this time. So. Oh well, it’s beta beta beta software, so it’s understandable. That’s how it’d change. I’m missing a product key.

Windows 11 Vs Windows 11 Pro

Home edition of Windows 11. As a result, we’ll use Windows 11 Pro. It’s just absurd. I never expected to see something like this. Okay, I was under the impression that Windows 10 would be the final version of Windows to receive bill updates, as we have done in the past. Is it true that it’s been a year since 2014?

Okay, seven years is a long time. So, when it comes to Windows 11 workstations, there’s something called Windows Pro. 1 equals 11. The majority of individuals choose Pro. Let’s go with it for now. This page has been updated.

Windows Pro. 11 Custom Setup

The year is 2021. Yes, I understand. Okay, so for the custom setup, there is one disc that has nothing on it, so it will be used. It’s now going to copy. It’s now going to copy. As this is a name to name transfer, it shouldn’t take long.

Processing power will be the primary constraint. So, if we come over here, we’ll be running on very little ram. That’s all right.

So, yeah, I’m curious as to whether or not guest additions will work. We’re going to try a bunch of different things with this because it appears to be Windows 11. So much awe. I’m trying not to be, since I’m truly keeping a lot back here.

So, I’m simply going to skip this section because it looks to be the standard Windows installation that’s been running since 7:00 a.m. So I’ll be back as soon as it reboots.

Let’s get started. It’s on its way. It’s on its way. It’s on its way. Oh, and reboot it one more, please. I’m not sure if the DVD in the drive is still necessary.

how I’d install Windows 10

Windows 11 VirtualBox

That’s how I’d install Windows 10 if I had to do it physically. Simply put it in the drive. I’m not sure whether it has access at all. Is that correct? I’ll have a look at it. We’re also seeing network activity.

Was it a starting sound, or what? Even if it was highly aliased, amazing. Okay, so this is a whole different approach to a very, very fascinating fluent design in the United States. Take a look at this, you know, I don’t mind at all. For us, what is your keyboard layout? I’m not sure why I just have one keyboard.

I’m looking for new information. What are you going to learn about their latest news? Is the update server even up and running? I’m thinking I’ll have to unplug it from the internet since it’s like whoa, what? We aren’t meant to be in charge of them. What exactly is going on here? I’m a person who’s set up for personal usage..

As a result, it’s just for personal use. Is it possible for me to skip it? Is this going to be an online account or an offline one? Wow. Is it really necessary to have more alternatives for that? For a brief moment, I was concerned that it might be the first internet-connected operating system. So join in to get access to the whole Microsoft app and service catalogue. Because I don’t want to utilise my Outlook account, we’ll have restricted experience.

Security Question. What was the name of my first pet?

Snoopie”. Nice. Then there’s the security question. What was the name of my first pet? Herbert, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? I’m not sure why they spring to mind, but I was my nickname as a kid.

What is your oldest cousin’s name? I’m not sure. It’s a town. I was conceived. This is what it’s called. That is not how it is spelled.

These are really wonderful. So, yes, you may get this. However, you may require diagnostic information. This thing needs refining, you know, I’m wondering how these animations are going to work out merely because you might not have Graphics drivers by this point, and it might appear exactly like that when you first instal it on a machine because it uses Microsoft.

New Windows Default Colour

Oh, it appeals to me. Yeah. Huh. Is it the new Windows default colour? That’s something else I’d want to see. I just smacked my fist on my tail. Another idea is to check out what the new default background is. I was aware that Windows 10 2004 featured two new window backgrounds, both of which were completely flat.

I was a huge fan of the original Windows 10 backdrop on that one, but there’s only one way to find out. Assuming it has a different background and truly believes this is complete. But I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet. Except for the point where they screwed up the Windows logo and the initial installation, it doesn’t seem like beta or unreleased software.

As a result, it restored to the previous state. But we’ll have to wait and see since this is it, Windows 11. I never imagined I’d say that I believed Windows 10 would be the best, and it seems like everyone else felt the same thing about a week ago. Wow. We’ve arrived. That’s it. What exactly is this?

New Default Backdrop

What was it again? So there you have it, the new default backdrop. It’s either a flower or ice cream in the picture. To me, it appears to be ice cream, but wow, look at that. So let’s get the guest additions set up. So now we’re in full screen mode, which is OK because it’s not full resolution, but it’s pretty comparable to Windows 10. Turn off the microphone.

They’ll presumably change the display resolution to 1080p, although it does appear to work better with guest addons loaded, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they weren’t compatible. The integration of the mouse pointer, on the other hand, is working.

Windows 11 same as Windows 10

So that’s pretty much the same as Windows 10. Oh, here we go. Let’s get started. Ah, funny. Yes, you’re looking at Windows 11. Of course, we have all of our old pals, and you have Task View. This is painfully sluggish. Okay, so you have to close it by clicking on it.

It seemed as if clicking somewhere else would suffice. Let’s turn that off because it was on before. What should we be looking at? First, make sure you’re running Windows 11.

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