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Yahoo Chat Room (Yahoo Chat Messenger) is Back | What Happened to Yahoo Chat Room?

yahoo chat room: If you grown up in the 1990s, you’re likely familiar with Yahoo’s chat room service. After Google, Yahoo is the second largest search engine and email service; it is useful for both emailing and chatting.

The main reason Yahoo became so famous is because of its beneficial services such as Yahoo Chat Room and Yahoo Messenger. However, these services began to vanish from the internet, leaving consumers perplexed about their presence. In this article, we’ll reveal every detail regarding Yahoo chat rooms, including whether or not they still exist.


The Rise of Yahoo Chat Room

On January 7, 1997, Yahoo Chat Room was launched as a public chat service for internet users. Because there were so few chat room services at the time, it quickly became quite popular. After a while, Yahoo released the first public version of Yahoo! Pager, which included Yahoo! Chat as a feature

Yahoo Chat Room provided a simple method to chat with people from all around the world and meet friends; it served the same purpose as Facebook today.

Moreover, the Yahoo Mail chat room service was renamed Yahoo Messenger in 1999, but this did not last long, as the chat service was totally shut down in 2012, disappointing many Yahoo customers. The firm is making room for future growth and wants to focus its attention on other Yahoo products that are lagging behind, according to the rationale for removing the Yahoo Chat room.

Introduction of Yahoo Messenger

With the collapse of Yahoo’s chat room service, a label Yahoo! Messenger app was released in 2015, with all of the features necessary to replace the previous version. It quickly rose in size due to features that were comparable to those found in other popular messaging applications, such as the ability to send free text messages online, pictures, GIFs, emoticons, and so on.

Yahoo Messenger evolved over the years, and at the time, it had features such as deleting sent messages, group chatting, and others. It provided users with everything they required in a Yahoo chat messenger and appeared to be the best option.

VoIP, voicemail, video calling, Yahoo 360 integration, Flickr support, the ability to chat with Facebook friends, and in-chat YouTube streaming were some of the other features that set Yahoo Messenger besides the competitors.

Discontinuation of Yahoo Messenger

In 2015, Yahoo announced that its Yahoo Messenger app will be shut down, and that users would no longer be able to access their messages, even if the app was installed on their smartphone. Users were given until November 2018 to download their chats, after which the service was also withdrawn.

The End of Era of Yahoo Chat Room

Even after shuttering its famous messaging service, Yahoo! Messenger, the company rebounded with the launch of Yahoo Squirrel, an invite-only group chat software that allows you to create rooms for individuals or themes. But it didn’t last long, as Yahoo! Together replaced it as the company’s latest attempt to stay afloat in the messaging app market.

Yahoo! Together was likewise ended on April 4, 2019, and no new messaging app was launched by Yahoo after that. The reason for this is clear: there are already a slew of online messengers, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and Yahoo needs to think of something new to stay competitive.

Alternatives to Yahoo Chat Room

There are several options if you want to find chat rooms similar to the ones given by Yahoo. You may talk with your pals online for free using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype.

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