Top Best Character in Free Fire Games

Free Fire Game If we ask someone today about their favorite game, I am certain that they will say Free Fire without hesitation. As of today, half of the 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store in January 2021 are from Free Blast.

But what if I asked you which character in the free fire is the best? I’m guessing you’re unaware of Free Fire’s Best Character.


Best character in free fire

Someone wants to know how to get a free pet in a free fire, and someone else wants to know what the best character is. So, here is a list of the top 8 best characters in free fire to assist you:

  • Dj Alok
  • Kashmir
  • Jota
  • Kelly
  • Laura
  • Paloma
  • Wukong
  • Kla

Dj Alok (Top Most famous character in free fire)

As you’ll see in the above chart, Dj Alok is at the top. Dj Alok has the active potential to increase his and teammates’ HP inside a 5m aura radio and has a fast running pace. Dj Alok is recognized in the free fire community as “amazing” because of another ability.

Ability He produces a 5m aura that increases his movement speed by 15% and allows him to use 5 HP/second for 10 seconds, as seen in free fire.

What is Active skill?

Active skills are those that must be charged before being used, such as When Dj Alok’s skills are fully charged, they can only be used in a complete match. Passive skills aren’t nearly as useful as active skills. Any player may have one active skill or none at all during a match, but no more than one active skill at a time.

What is Passive Skill?

Passive abilities are those that do not need charging, such as Kla’s passive ability of doing more damage than other players. In the free fire, passive skills are more effective than active skills. During a match, a player can use three or less passive skills.

Kashmir(Also known as K)

The ability of the K character is regarded as the Master of All Characters in Free Fire, and it has two modes: Jujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode. The ‘Heightened Awareness Package‘ is an ability set that K character has that can be accessed by players.

Only the Psychology Mode is superior to the heightened mode at the highest level as opposed to the base mode. For a total of 150 EP, one player will retire 2 EP per second.



So now it’s time for our third character, Jota. Because of this, Jota is my favorite character in Free Fire. ‘Sustained Raids’ is a passive skill that Jota has. When the player kills an opponent with an SMG or a Shotgun, it immediately restores 25 HP. With every kill, jota can restore 40 HPat the maximum stage.


Kelly is our fourth character. If you’re looking for the best character in free fire in terms of pace, I recommend Kelly. Kelly is a female character with the passive ability to run faster. At the first stage, she can run 1% faster, and at the top stage, she can run 6% faster. That is why, Kelly, I advise you to be cautious of her pace.


Laura is like ruby for you if you’re a long-range warrior. Laura has a passive ability that if you use character Laura and scope on any enemies, if your aim is poor and you shoot, your bullet will sourly hit your enemies body and deal a lot of damage.

Paloma is a character in the movie Paloma ( Best character in free fire for carrying More Ammo)

Paloma is a fantastic free fire character who allows you to hold a large amount of AR ammunition without taking up any bag space. Every Player appreciates this fantastic skill because AR ammunition takes up a lot of room in their pack, causing them to hold a lot of other items (SMG ammo, Glue wall, and so on).


So our seventh character is Wukong, a fantastic character with the ability to turn into bushes. When working activates its power, no one can harm him. I’m also a sucker for this ability. Wukong’s biggest flaw is that he makes a lot of noise, which is why not everyone likes him.


Kla is a very powerful character in free fire, with a passive skill that makes him even more powerful. With a single blow, he can destroy any opponent.

Players who want to go to the factory always use Kla because there is a high demand for energy, and if we don’t have any weapons, Kla can easily kill someone with his punches.

Note: This article on Free Fire’s Best Character is based on the writer’s mind; readers’ opinions/choices can differ.

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